Thursday, September 11, 2014

So Sunday morning, Sister Seymour, the Elders, and I got to go to ward council to discuss the needs of the members and who we can focus on and help the most right now.  This also meant that we were at the church at 8 am so we had a few hours after to sit and read scriptures until church started.  As we waited out in the foyer, President Bell walks up to me and says, "Sister Harston, I've been meaning to talk to you.  Your visa just cleared and you'll be leaving September 2"  What?!!!  "are you serious?"  I about started crying and cannot really describe how I felt right then.  Whew. So yes, it is true and I'll be in Brazil in a month.  Now more than ever, I'm feeling the urgency of truly following the Spirit and finding everyone I'm meant to find by being an instrument in the Lord's hands. 

Mom, I will start using my card again.  I didn't realize how long it has been since I've used it. haha Happy birthday to Grandma Davenport!!!!! Sounds like a fun get together :)  It also seems like it's very dry in California. You could use some of the rain we got this last week, one day in particular where it poured down for a few hours, so needless to say that cooled things down a bit. I'm so glad the new teacher is really great!  That's a major blessing. And what a sweet experience at church! New converts really have this fire of the Spirit inside them it's contagious. And the Lord truly requires and expects exact obedience. I'm glad someone spoke up.

I'm sad the music didn't work!  I guess I'm not technically savvy anymore....haha lost it! Glad that you got to work on the ambulance even though the strike team didn't work out.  Sounds like there's craziness going on in California.  Are all the fires in Southern california or across the whole state?  Preach My gospel is the Best!!!  I think it means you're wise dad :) When we go fast, we'll enjoy the top layer, but going slower we allow the spirit to teach us as well and to help it sink deep into our hearts.  I know you already know that, but most of what I say seems to just help myself realize these things again for myself :) I agree Mom is pretty special person though 

Katrina, that's the best that you'll be so close to Greg and Ashley and baby.  You're setting her up to be convinced that you're her favorite aunt, which I guess is ok. haha Sounds like Creekside cottages are pretty nice.  Watch out for that Netflix addiction!!! I could send you my schedule if you want, You could adapt it to your circumstances of course. hahaha  Is Little Caesars a pretty popular place for people in Idaho to stop in and eat? My address for the next month is 5818 Avalon St, Wichita, KS 67208 with the Robertsons, but you can also send it to the mission office at 7011 E 13th st N, wichita, KS 67206-1219 and it'll get to me too :)

This week has been wonderful,  Sister Hartung (the new STL here) and I went on exchanges which was a really fun reunion.  She' definitely been humbled by the leadership call.  We had lots to catch up on and I still have so much more to learn from her. Sister Seymour is doing fabulous by taking the lead with lessons and even talking to people on the street.  So awesome!  We've really been learning how to better work together and have fun in the process.  Love her so much for her patience with me!

We've been meeting a lot of people as usual, and I'm noticing how accurate the scriptures are!  They tell us how different people will respond to our message of the restoration of Christ's church to the earth and it's so true!!  We're seeking for those who will hearken to the promptings from the spirit.  I love the work hearken.  If they listen, that's great, but if they do something about it, then they're showing the Lord they're ready to receive more.  We found a man this week named Dean.  He believes there is a higher power, but not that he has any influence in our lives.  The elders went over to meet him with us, and we went through each of the 13 articles of faith.  He said he felt he gained a greater grasp of who God is. He agreed to a church tour and coming to church, but got cold feet at the last second.  I know the Lord works hard, but I also know the adversary likes to put in his 2 cents too.  We're still hopeful for Dean who seems to be very humbled by his circumstances.  The gospel can help!  

The Raya kids moved to Texas to live with their grandma this last Saturday.  Going to miss them so much!  We're hoping they'll will find the motivation and the missionaries there so they can go to church and the activities.  The girls went to mutual this week and LOVED it!  We'll continue meeting with Beth though. We're glad she's staying :)

Also, Brandon (a less-active member) and his wife (a non-member) Katie Kitchen are coming regularly to church!  She said she's already planning on being baptized and wants her husband to do it, so they'll be working and progressing together.  SO AWESOME!!!  I really admire their zeal to get back on track and start now to do make things right again and use the Atonement. :)

Well, I love the Lord, I love this work.  There's no place I'd rather be :)  Until next week!

Beth Raya, Tiyana, and Vivica.  The Youngest Alexus was out with her aunt, but they're the best!  Going to miss the girls so much.  They'll be in Texas for the school year with their grandma.

​After biking for 40 min to an appointment, we decided to cool down for a second.  Thanks to the ice cream man for driving by at the right time!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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