Friday, September 27, 2013

So yea I'm going to Wichita, Kansas for my reassignment!!!!! And my companion is comin with me :) And I forgot I'm supposed to tell you the itinerary for my flight too. Whoops so here goes:

Delta Air Lines (DL 1440)
From Salt Lake City UT (Salt Lake City) 6:30AM
To Minneapolis MN (St Paul Intl) 9:27AM

Delta Air Lines (DL 3613)
From Minneapolis MN (St Paul Intl) 11:25 AM
To Wichita KS (Mid Continent) 1:11PM

So theres ya go :)  I honestly don't know anything about kansas so feel free to share the cool stuff you can look up on Google. Haha but seriously :)  Also, Brother Markham, who's in the branch presidency for my branch said that jackets from are super light but nice. No idea how much they cost but he said to look it up.  They're an Atom Jacket or something, I have no idea. Anyways, yeah.  Don't know how cold it gets there but if it's as cold as Utah has been the last couple days then I'll need a jacket.  Didn't plan that out very well, haha.  Don't mean to start out with all this crazy stuff but I gotta jot it down before  I forget.  When you're sending my coat and stuff, could you also send a couple white shade shirts?  They've been completely out of them at the MTC bookstore since the day I got here and only have XL, which, fortunately, weight gain in the MTC hasn't been that dramatic if existent, so yeah still a Medium. :)

Oh my goodness so much has happened this week.  The Choir for Relief Society General Broadcast was already full.  We didn't get to fill out a survey because we had a meeting at the time they did, but it's all good.  It'll be wonderful to see and Sister Briggs and Sister Anderson can tell us all about it when they get back :)  Sister Jackson was saying she's grateful because it would have added a lot to the stress load of preparing to leave this weekend which is totally true.  Also at TRC this week, Sister Jackson and I taught a sister from Brazil whose name is Cristina.  She spoke so fast! but I thought we did pretty good understanding it anyways.  I also realized how gringo I sound when i speak too. hahah We asked her a question about her scripture studies and she basically taught the whole lesson! so perfect.  Sister Jackson and I related our own experiences and testimonies about the Book of Mormon which was really cool too.  I love TRC! Because the people who come aren't pretending to be anyone else so it's great practice working with members.  She was so sweet and told us all about Brazil.  She said that the people there love to see pictures about your life from before the mission, so if that nifty package you send contained some pictures that would be great, for my benefit and the people in Brazil :0 )  They've also never seen snow so if you snuck a snow pic in too, I wouldn't might.  sorry for all this trouble and being so forgetful!  I hope you got the pictures i sent in the last e-mail as well.  Isn't my companion beautiful!? oh, nother side note, could you e-mail my immunization record?  I didn't bring one with me and I'm not absolutely sure, but I think I might need it.

Oh mom, I got the letter you mailed :) thanks so much!  and a few days after I got that one, the DearElder one came. Haha weird. Also the Temple video is amazing! I love it and am learning new things from it every time.  I love sharing insights in the Celestial room with my roommates :)

We had in-field orientation yesterday for 5 hours or so which taught me so much! I wish we could have a mini refresher course before we head out, but I took lots of notes, so that'll work :)  Also, I'm super excited to be in the airport with my companion and go around an chat with people! I think that'll be so fun! I'm not even sure what to share.  During it, they shared a video about the 3 young men who helped to find the Martin Hand cart company and carried so many people across that frozen river that they all died as a result of their selfless love.  Really touched me and gave a deeper meaning to the word service.   They were talking about how all three of those young men had a spot saved for them in the Celestial kingdom.  What an amazing history.

Also Dad, Greg, and Adam! (and anyone else who wants to) mission stories! I would love to hear about whatever you feel inclined to share with me.  i can't believe i never really asked you about stories before but I would absolutely love it!

And yes, I met/saw Elder Keith Harston.  So during gym time I was playing four square like a pro,....hahah... not really....but I heard an elder on the side lines say, go Elder Harston! and i was like, "what? Did you say his name is Elder harston??  Is his first name Keith?" because he was a bit familiar but i had noooo idea why. Maybe because we get a Christmas card from his family, or I met him 8 years ago...hahah anyways.  they said yes, and I burst out with "oh my gosh! you're my second cousin and you were named after my dad!" haha He had no clue who I was.  I told him about the time my flight was cancelled and his family came and saved me.  I mostly hung out with william who's my age, and went on a run with his sister kimberly.  I couldn't believe it.  So yeah, he's 18 now and going to Brazil, Belen mission I think.  so cool :) he's been here 2 weeks. I also saw Sooryun Lee, or Sister Lee.  She's from Korea and I worked with her at Wyview for like a year! I knew she was a teacher here, but I had no idea what building so I was sad I wouldn't get the chance to see her,.....but as I was walking into B145 for the orientation she was right there and i gave her the hugest hug.  I was so excited :)  It was wonderful.  She was there translating for people in korean.  So, that was fantastic.

Also I love (in a Christlike sorta way :) my teachers Irmao Read and Irmao Nielson.  They've been so great and truly bring the spirit into each lesson.  They were our investigators and Sister Jackson and I only get to teach one more time before we head out.  Ah! so cool.  But they are wonderful teachers and only speak Portuguese, but they do it so slowly when compared with Cristina in the TRC, haha  It's nice cause then I can understand all that they say.  I can't believe I can after only 5 weeks!  The Lord truly blesses and helps His missionaries to accomplish much.  I'll have an hour of language study time every day in Kansas, so hopefully i don't just completely forget everything because I won't really have anyone to actually speak portuguese too.  I know that as I read the scriptures aloud in Portuguese and continue to study and pray in Portuguese that the Lord will help me to remember what I've been taught :)

Katrina, I can't wait to get your letter and hear about the rest of your trip. Thanks for the photos! I printed out the one with you and Julia :) totally made my day.And that Jo Dee Messina song popped into my head too! twinners! hahah just kidding, but don't worry I didn't actually start singing it out loud.  baha  and I don't even know what the weather is like in Kansas so, feel free to dearelder me about it or something.  Sister Jackson's parents sent her a picture and it looks nice and flat. haha I didn't know you were going to surprise Greg that's awesome! I'm filling my own picture in my mind for what his face looked like and it's pretty funny. haha.  I didn't get to escort Layne Davidson, I haven't actually seen her at all.  That's awesome you got to see Elder Christofferson! What'd you learn at the Devo?  I can't wait to see baby pictures when Ashley has their little girl! have they decided on a name yet?

Nichole, I'm glad the last e-mail was good :) Because I learned that family is totally included in our missions and we need to help uplift and tell ya what we're learning and invite you to learn right along with us.  :)  I gotta get some pictures of those kids :)  I love getting e-mails from you, "just a minute" that's hilarious :) And yes, I guessed you'd have another child before I got back :)  so exciting I can't wait. And how bout Hermoninny..bahaha jk!

Something I learned this week during Devotional was to be specific in prayers.  It makes them so much more meaningful.  Also, I know as I serve a mission that you will all be blessed, but as I serve my absolute best with might mind and strength, praying for charity and guidance from my Heavenly Father, then I can truly ask Him for blessings for you.  Irmao Read said that the Lord responds readily to obedient missionaries so if you need me to pray for something, don't hesitate to ask!  I pray for you all anyways and always :) I also learned that as you act on promptings from the Lord and dedicate yourself to the work, you will forget your weaknesses as He fills you with His Spirit and love.  He truly can make up for where we are lacking.  I also want to bear my testimony about Joseph Smith.  I know what he saw in the Sacred Grove that day really happened.  He saw the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  They called Joseph by name and restored the gospel through Him.  What a wonderful boy he was and man he became and I am forever grateful for his strength, courage and faith.  Some people forget how truly amazing that was.  I know Joseph Smith was a prophet.  a man called of God to do His work and witness of Him.  It really did happen.  In the song after the devotional there was a line that said "Save us Lord from Error"  Each of His children are precious to Him.  That includes everyone.  I don't want a single one to be lost if at all possible.  I know the happiness the gospel brings.  I know it changes lives and it changes hearts.  I know better now than I ever have before that God loves His children.  He wants to bless us. He wants to help us, but we must do our part.  and I say that in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm going to the Kansas Wichita Mission!!!!!! They gave us a few seconds to e-mail. Oh my goodness sakes alive!! My companion Sister Jackson has been assigned to the same area and we leave early early early Tuesday morning.  Oh my goodness I'm so jittery and excited.  We opened them all together as a District.  2 elders are going to Brazil, but everyone else got reassigned.  We have to report to the travel office at 2:30 am on Tuesday morning,Oct 01, that'll be a sleepy flight! hahaha I don't even know anything about Kansas! But I think it's colder than Brazil so I'm gonna need some stuff. Sorry!!! But seriously look it up on the website, it goes a little into Colorado and even a touch of it is the top of Texas.  I can't believe it! Tomorrow I'll go crazy in the e-mail because I'll have some more time. But seriously so excited :) I have no clue how long I will be there but it will honestly be so great! Also, real quick, Elder keith Harston is here at the MTC!! I met him! so cool, say more about it tomorrow. Love ya!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

She's lookin good!!! :))
So much to say every time! I love you all!
So yes, I'm still the dictionary. haha Heavenly Father has definitely blessed me with a good memory, which is fun :)  I'm trying to tone down shouting out answers I feel like Hermione.... hahah The language is great, there's still so much I don't know, but I'm working hard and Speak Your Language days are helping too.  Yesterday was one of those, and we did so good!  We understand each  other at least. haha so hopefully the people of Brazil will too :) And yes, I get to go to the temple every Friday which has been so wonderful :) I love the sweet spirit that is there.  There's no stress, and we get to sit, ponder, listen, and be taught by the Spirit.  so nice :)  Elder Rogers in my District has his VISA but since it's so close to the time we're leaving, he won't fly out to Brazil until the 30th of this month.  So cool though. The VISA process is definitely going faster for those who did it by themselves, or went through the consulate in DC.  So yea, only three in our District got visa's so far, but Sister Briggs will have hers soon and Elder Graff. Also, Sister Briggs e-mailed her family to see if we're related so we'll see! :) I also saw Jacquelyn Swarbrick here at the MTC on Wednesday! so cool :) Maybe I'll get to Host Sister Davidson next Wednesday. My district signed up to do it this Wednesday which was super fun.  I got to help 2 sisters when they arrived.  I took them to get their name tags, get their book stuff, take their stuff to their room, and get to their new classroom.  My heart went out to them, especially the second sister I helped who looked a little shell shocked so to speak.  I think she was a little overwhelmed, as we all were a bit when we arrived at the MTC.  I mean it's a big deal!  The first sister I helped was very friendly, and was fun to chat with.  It was fun! and I think Elder Graff our District leader signed us up to do it again next week.

Sister Jackson and I will probably get our reassignments next Thursday and we'll have in-field training this week! So crazy! And sorta a fridge quote from her "I would choose you even if I didn't have a choice" haha but so sweet :)  Love her to death. Also, we were assigned to be Sister Training Leaders this Sunday.  Whoa!  We have a leadership meeting to go to on Sundays and we have 3 rooms of Sisters to visit with each night, see how they're doing.  One of the rooms has all new sisters who we got to give a tour of the MTC. Last night when we visited them I'm sure they could feel how much we love and want to help them. They were feeling a bit stressed about the language, which yeah, the 2nd day in the MTC is the hardest because there is so much study time, and you don't know a lick of Portuguese yet besides Otimo! which means awesome :) haha but we gave them hugs, some advice, and a spiritual thought, which I think helped them out. Because seriously it gets so much better!  this assignment (not calling necessarily because we're not set apart for it because we're already set apart as missionaries) is something I think the Lord knew I needed. I needed to focus on others and not myself. Also, I need to learn more about being a loving leader, and being a bit more assertive. So yes! I know the Lord knows me personally and I'm so grateful His plan is better than mine :)  So yeah, Wednesdaywas crazy. In addition, Sister Jackson and I were asked to be the example missionaries at the role play event with all the new missionaries.  We come in and start talking to the investigator, the moderator stops us when we get to a certain point, we leave, and all the new missionaries in the room get to teach their first lesson. So cool :)  We were nervous, but it went well :)  I felt so humbled, because apparently our teachers chose us to do this.  Wow! What an amazing compliment.  I'm sure anyone in our District could have done it, but my companion and I learned a few things from it which I'm grateful for, like don't be unnaturally happy when you walk up to a door.  People will think you're strange. hahaha

My district has so many talents.  Last night Elder Copenhaver had us all busting up laughing with his amazing Smiegle and Sam impressions from Lord of the Rings. So funny! We're all good friends which is wonderful, especially because when we read the scriptures together, the spirit is incredibly strong. Seriously I have never felt it so strong so often before. It's amazing!  Also, I had this realization when we were reading the Book of Mormon together in class.  We read a verse or two then talk about it. I realized, that Christ lived a happy life.  He was happy even though He had the hardest life of anyone.  Then I thought, why was He happy?  It's because he had perfect love for everyone around Him.  There was no jealously, no contention, no competition, or comparison.  I'd just never really thought He could have been happy when life was so much harder than I can comprehend.  What a perfect example!  We were talking about what comes out of us sometimes when we're stressed, and how we should want our Christlike attributes to show.  Christ, when He was stressed (which is definitely an incredible understatement)  only showed a greater outpouring of love when He asked Heavenly Father to forgive the people. Such a special experience :)

Teachers at the MTC hold little meetings with the missionaries to see how their doing and what they can help them with, so I met with Irmao Nielson. It felt super duper weird, because it was just me and him talking in the hallway and I didn't have my companion! hahah I'm gonna be so awkward when I get back. baha  but Elder Bednar, in a talk he gave at the MTC some years ago said if your no different when you get back than when you left, then you didn't do it right. So hopefully I will be a little weird :) Never knew I'd say that haha 

Mom! How's the Medical Terminology class going? smokin it?  And you're coming to Utah?  To see Aunt Julie's family and Uncle Stott and Aunt Renee?  What's the occasion? I'm so sad the yard is butchered, but that means you could start over with that new grass you had tried before?  It's gonna look so good:)  Also, feel free to send any photos of Madison with her new friend and I can't believe Ethan is already 5 months!  sheesh. Taylor and Julie both e-mailed me this week which was super cool too :) Also I did get the packages and the fruit snacks galore and cookies. Thank you so much!!!!! All the items were definitely NEEDED :)  And my roommates and I have already finished off the smiley fruit snacks and are still working on the Motts. so yummy. hahah  I also took the cookies to my District's classroom so everyone can enjoy :)  My district shares everything with each other, so nice :) Also, could you e-mail me a couple of our ancestor's stories like Christina Young? that would be fabulous, also possibly my immunization record too :)

Dad, do you sleep in at all now?  haha at least til 6:30? :)  How's Brother Mishler handling the new role? I seriously love singing, and with 400 missionaries it sounds incredible.  Also there's the slightest chance that I might get to sing with the sisters at the Relief Society General Broadcast, but I don't know if I'll qualify.  Sister Briggs gets to!  I'll find out probably Sunday or Monday or something, I seriously hope I can, but we'll see :)  If not I'll just enjoy it from here :)

Katrina! It's killin me that you're in Provo right now!  Bah, I hope the Dance last night was super fun :) tell me everything!! sounds like the funnest people to be with on a road trip ever!  And So the San Francisco thing was a double date? Those picture are seriously so pretty!    I wish I coulda seen your reactions during the murder in the dark thing.  Of course Thomas's dad would have picked you to scare. bahaha Screaming I can imagine, but the Lower pitched ahh throat sound is more realistic. hahah JK!!! So my companion tried to send a bunch of pictures to Mom and Dad's e-mail, but it seems like it might not have gone through since no body has mentioned I'll try to forward that today.  I'm allowed to listen to MoTab and uplifting spiritual music, so I think that Mindy Gledhill CD, and the ones we always listened to on Sundays would be great :) I'm so stoked about your visit to Idaho,  I gotta see a pic of those two love birds.  Ashley's like due in a month isn't she? And I'm glad Lauren's getting married :)  I'll be there in spirit. haha

I love you all!!!!!!!!!  Hope you have wonderful weeks Eu sei que O Redentor vive! (I know that our Redeemer lives)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hey there!!!  Wow weeks are going by so fast! already half way through the MTC, it's so crazy!  Nichole I can't believe Madison has already started Kindergarten.  She should play school with Ashlynn and maybe she'll learn like I did when KC taught me! haha So As you all know, there are no little kids ever in sight here at the MTC except for this one time on Sunday.  This young family was visiting and had the cutest little 3 year old daughter.  Her parents were like, " look over there, there's some missionaries"  So they all came over and the little girl came up to me shyly (?) and so I told her how pretty her dress was, and then she started telling me all about the little green acorn she was holding.  So precious!! Totally made my day :) Also, A few days ago I saw Mackenzie Gregorson!  My room roommate from Regency. It totally caught me by surprise because I didn't think she was getting here til later in the month.  But yeah! she'll only be here for 10 or so days because she's going to an English speaking mission in San Jose, California.  I also saw Brooke, a girl who was in my ballroom dance class with me at college.  So fun to see familiar faces.  Mackenzie and I got a picture, and I also got a picture with Elder Ditlevson.  Also, did you get the e-mail of photos that Sister Jackson sent?  She sent like 5 or something, I don't even know.  And Mom, I did get a hand written letter from you, the one that talked about Marissa? If there was a different one then I haven't gotten it yet anyways.

So I love to sing in the choir here.  It's huge!  there's like 400 people or something.  Our Choir director (totally forgot his name:/) but he's hilarious and wonderful.  He explains the background of each song we sing, the situation that the writer was in when he wrote it, and then has us apply it to us personally.  The last song we sang was Sweet Hour of Prayer.   There all special for the MTC I think, but he had us think of a time when we prayed the hardest we have ever prayed to our Heavenly Father, when there was no where else to turn.  We all definitely sang our testimonies that day.  There's a part where the men sing a line, the women sing the next line, then we all joined together to sing "He understands me"  Such a powerful spirit!!! :)

Also I have a bit of a nickname in my district, Miss Dictionary. hahah not exactly flattering, but they were complementing me on my random word knowledge.  Elder Rogers said to Elder Copenhaver, " um you're in my bubble" and I was like, "do you want to know how to say bubble in Portuguese? it's bolha." everyone looked at me like how do you know that?  let's just say it's my goal to memorize the dictionary.  Not! haha I just like to look up words people say in English, that i think, hmmm I don't know how to translate that to Portuguese. So yeah, learning lots!!!  

A little reminder of God's love and help He gives me and my companion I notice when we are preparing for a lesson and we both think of the same scripture to share.  I feel like we're both in tune and unified :) it's a great feeling.

Also last Friday at the temple, I finally was able to let my stresses go, and just sit and listen as we went through a session.  I learned so much and shared with Sister Briggs who in turn shared her insights with me as we sat in the Celestial room.  The Spirit was so strong! I honestly have never felt the Spirit this strong this often ever before.  The MTC is definitely a dedicated place and I am so grateful for the Lord's hand in all of it!  My companion and I share a thankful thought with each other at the end of each day which has been wonderful.

Also, another sister Sister Verhoef got her visa on Tuesday and got sent to the Brazil MTC.  Sister Brigg's family did her visa themselves so she'll have it in the next day or so.  So crazy!!! sister Jackson, Sister Anderson and I will be a threesome.  It's funny because Sister Jackson and I know that we'll probably serve stateside for a time before getting sent straight to the field in Brazil.  But it's sad because we miss all these sisters that we grow to love so quickly!  

Oh, Jon sent me a package a few days ago filled with all kinds of chocolate so I'm pretty sure I've gained like 20 pounds. hahaha I shared it with my whole District which made them happy, I still have some Dove dark chocolate left, oh so good. haha

And Nichole! Thanks so much for the e-mail!   I love hearing all the details about everyone's lives!!!  That's a cool challenge that your ward issued.  I'm truly starting to understand the importance with using members when we teach.  The story of Alma and Amulek in the scriptures, totally explains it!  Alma's the missionary, Amulek's the member.  He's lived in the area his whole life and can help relate to the people there.  So perfect.  All the answers are truly in the scriptures :)

Sister Jackson and I have also had a wonderful time teaching our investigators Jose and Edson this week.  In the lesson with Edson,  We both got the impression he needed to hear about the Atonement, but got caught up in teaching what we had prepared, and I (and my annoying perfectionist personality haha) had to make sure he understood the definition of every word we said.  ok not that bad.... but I forgot that he doesn't need to completely understand everything all at once.  Sister Jackson, fortunately abruptly pulled out a scripture about the Atonement and testified.  In that moment we had Edson's attention and the Spirit was totally there.  I testified as well.  We learned so much from that lesson.  If all lesson's went perfectly (which perfect doesn't exist of course) we would learn nothing.  The next lesson we prepared for Jose, we prayed to know if the lesson we made was right.  Pondered over it during personal study time, then went over it again together.  We felt no need to change it.  So we went in a taught and oh man was it good.  The lesson wasn't the focus but Jose was, and helping him to be happy, and bring happiness to his family.  He could tell that we truly believe that our message will bless his life and we promised him specific blessings about the things he had opened up about and shared with us.   I felt the need to invite him to be baptized and as I realized and accepted that.  I felt that burning in my bosom like the scriptures say. This strong desire to invite and be a missionary.  A greater understanding of what missionary work is and what my purpose is.  A greater testimony of how it truly blesses our lives in so many ways.  He didn't agree to be baptized, but I know it planted a seed :)  We invited him to offer the prayer at the end and we all knelt down.  That was the first time, we felt he really wanted to know the truth as he asked Heavenly Father.  our investigators need to know that our message is not our own.  It's not just a mormon message, but it is the Word of God.  He loves us so much!  And I know He has been helping me every step of the way.  I know this church is so true!   And I'm so excited to share it :)  And for these spiritually high moments of learning that bring me such hope, and joy, and comfort :)

Dad has that sister said anything about the Book of Mormon since you gave it to her?  Also, any more fires in California that they'll call you to? 
Also, Nichole! that's so cool that you are looking for opportunities to share the gospel, you are a great example to me :)  Does Madison come home and tell you all about school?  Also is Ryden just as big? haha you need to let me know all the funny little things your kids say :)  
Mom, so work is good?  Is the new teacher still figuring things out or does she have a pretty good handle on things?  I'm sure all the kids were happy to have you back this year :)  How is it teaching the Kindergartners?  THanks for sending things on to Grandma and Grandpa Davenport :)
Katrina!  Have you started packing yet? haha What have you been up to? How's Lauren doing? Have you been partying it up everynight?  
Grandma Harston!  How're you?  How's your health? How's Joselyn?  I love and miss you!!!!!  
Adam and Katelyn, How's work been?  Is Ethan walking yet?  haha totally kidding!!!  

Also, anyone feel free to write me about new insights they get :)  Thank you so much for the packages! I can't wait to get them.  Hope they didn't cost too much.  I love you all so much!!!!  Estou aprendendo muito sobre o evangelho e tambem a lingua!  Vos amo tao muito!!!!!! (sorry not completely right cause I don't know how to do the funky little letters on an english keyboard haha)

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

Friday, September 6, 2013

 Ola! The MTC is still great :) haha Also, I have a letter on the way which might be a bit outdated since I'm writing you today.... guess I didn't quite think that through. hahah but it has a letter for Marissa in there too cause I don't remember her address, so could ya get it to her for me? Sank you! Sounds like a crazy fire!!! but it's a blessing that dad didn't have to leave until after I left :) Mom that's so fun you got to go to Bakersfield!! did Sister Mangelson go with you? and yes, I remember the attacking haha. I was so jealous that Hannah was going to be able to call home and call Adam and Katelyn and hear Liam's voice over the phone as she was in the airport. Speaking of airports.. another sister in my district got her visa! Sister Verhoef.  She left for Brazil on Tuesday, so the threesome we had is now a two-some again with me and sister Jackson.  She seriously is the best companion.  We always start our studies with a prayer in Portuguese and we can say most of what we want to now in Portuguese. Progress! haha She is so willing to help with everything and we both really care when the other is getting frustrated and experiencing a brain blockage, so we'll stop for a moment, and say, "sister, how ya feelin?"  And we're both open and so we've become really good friends.  It's weird now though only having four sisters in our room instead of the 6 we started out with.  

Also, we got 2 new teachers, so sad! but it's good at the same time.  Since school started at BYU, schedules for both our teachers were changed.  Fortunately we still see Irmao Rodriguez and Irma Wells around.  Did I mention we had to switch classrooms too?  haha all these changes!  We're now on the fifth floor of 18M and only teachers get to use the elevator, so we get exercise, "or stress management" every day! haha Irma Wells taught a class on how to manage stress, cause lesbihonest, hoping into a whole new environment is a little stressful.  But we're on a regular schedule so life is good :)  Also the new teachers pretty much only speak in Portuguese which is super helpful.  They're a little less friendly and more teacher like that our other two, which helps us to focus more in class, but I hope they relax and let us get to know their real selves a bit more as time goes on.

today we have TRC (training resource center I think it stands for..)  where members come and let us teach them.  They don't try to pretend to be anyone else so it's going to be a little different than the lessons we prepare for our "investigators" but I'm excited! I hope we can invite the Spirit so he can fill in were we might be lacking, especially with our less than perfect Portuguese skills.  Our goal for the lesson is to help them to have a deeper faith that leads them to take action in enduring to the end.  (the short version of the goal anyways.)  And we have 2 new investigators which are our two new teachers, Irmao Read and Irmao Nielson.  Irmao Nielson is a "55 year old man who works on a farm and is separated from his wife.  He has no kids"  We taught him about Heavenly Father's love for him which I think he felt, and also our love for him and desire to help him. We felt we still didn't really get to asking the right question to find out what his needs are, but the spirit was there which is definitely the most important part and the first step to any lesson.  i love the evaluation that my companion and I do after every lesson of things we need to work on and things we did well.  It helps us to be on the same page. Sister Jackson always has the most wonderful insights.  We also share what we learned in personal study in our companionship study which is always amazing.  I learn twice as much that way! We'll be teaching Irmao Read (or José) on Monday, (Segunda-feira)  The days of the week are numbers by the way, except Saturday andSunday.  Weird right? haha 

I'm also getting to know some of the Elders in our District better too.  They are all so different now than the first day we all met.  They're all 18 too.  Never thought I'd feel old, but I'm the 3rd oldest in my district of 11 people.  My companion is the oldest cause she's 21. So weird. haha  I saw Sister Larabee here at the MTC and I'm hoping to see my roommate Mackenzie too.  I think she's coming to the MTC sometime this month.  I can't believe I've been here for like 2 and a half weeks!  I've also seen a couple of my BYU professors in the lunch room too. hahah mormon culture :)    Sundays here are fun, which reminds me I need to prepare a 5 min talk in Portuguese because they call the speakers at random every Sunday. Pretty exciting right? haha

I've talked with Sister Briggs a little bit about possibly being related, but we haven't quite tried very hard yet to see if that's actually possibly true.  That would be super awesome though because she is the sweetest, yet most sarcastic sister.  haha She and Sister Jackson are always coming up with these hilarious what if scenarios.  So funny!

And Mom, for me, planning starts with a planner.  haha and my schedule is already made which makes it easier too.  We plan out how to fill the time we're given for language, personal, and companion study.  Like for personal study, I read the Portuguese Book of Mormon side by side with the English one for 20 min, then switch to studying the Missionary Fundamentals of things we need to learn to include in each lesson, how to invite the Spirit, and such.  Amazing! And seems you planned the kitchen super well! I'm so glad you don't have to worry about it anymore :)  I seriously can't wait for that cement patio thing to go in.  That'll look so weird! good and much better, but weird. haha   Also, I hope you aren't missing your stake calling too much, but maybe you'll get to take a breather? haha Also how has school been with the new teacher? Thanks for delivering all my thank you cards for me!!!!!!!!!  And what a crazy scary thing to have a fire so close!  Where exactly was it?  

And Dad you totally threw me off when you started your part of the e-mail with Sister, I thought was KC for a second. BAhaha  Glad you're home safe!!! How is it not having to wake up at 5 anymore for seminary?  Isn't Brother Mishler the teacher now?  is he surviving? haha my exercise times are fun.  I haven't really done any strength stuff though.  A couple times I've been able to run around their teeny track that it takes 10 times around to make a mile.  I lose track of counting like after 4 laps.  haha  but it felt good to run.  I usually only go like a mile or a mile and a half.  We also play knockout, four square, and volleyball sometimes too which are really fun :)  That's so awesome that you gave out a book of Mormon!  I can't wait to hear more of how that turns out :)  How'd you introduce her to it? Language is doing fairly well,  I'm trying to expand my vocab because I keep naming things in spanish and a half the words aren't like the spanish one at all!  But it's super fun.  Speak Your Language days are hard though because we try to speak only in Portuguese. Let's say those days are a bit quieter, haha but they're getting better.  

About needed items, I actually think I can get garments here at the MTC.  I think I'll get a couple for hot weather because I'll definitely be experiencing that in a couple months.  My camera cord would be lovely to have, and maybe some mousse although that funky kind I got last time, yeah it like drips out of the can thing now (As KC knows), so not that one. haha  Face wash would be lovely, and feel free to send fruit snacks. bahaha  PS one day I accidentally left my eye wash and contact case in the bathroom all day.  A sister put the contact case in the lost and found, but apparently decided to keep the eye solution :/  So I still have one bottle that should last my whole stay here I think, but maybe one or two of those?  Sorry!  Oh and I'm thinking I should send my temple bag home because missionaries don't have to pay to rent temple clothing here in Provo, and I won't need it in Brazil.  That'll open up a few more pounds in my suitcase for the large load of books I now have too :)   Also, my companion has a bunch of pictures that she's sending to a bunch of the Elders and Sister's parents in our District so if you get an random email with attachments, don't through it out! it has fun pictures on it :) Also, I don' know if she sent a video but we have a running joke going of us creating an MTC musical!  It's going to be great, it's basically filled with all our goofy experiences and some of the sisters in our zone created a mini rap about getting up at 6:30am, seriously hilarious!  Ah, so much can happen in the 15 minutes between study and class. haha  Well I love you all so so so so much!!!  Eu sei que a Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias é verdadeira!!!!  

Love Always and forever!

Sister Harston