Monday, July 14, 2014


So guess what I got in the mail this week?!  A big white envelope.  Sister Gunderson pulls it out and says, "It's for you Sister Harston, You're training!!"  AH! Transfers are in a week and a half and I'll be training a brand new sister missionary.  that was humbling!  But it's a blessing as well because it'll help me to focus on the basics and start doing some of the things I have forgotten.  Nervous excitement!  Because our mission office is at our church building, I asked President Bell if he could tell me who my companion will be, thinking he would make me wait to find out, but he goes back to his office, grabs her picture and says, she'll be Sister Seymour from Oregon.  Sweet!  this means that Sister Gunderson will probably be transferred but I really hope she stays in the same zone! Don't want to have to say goodbye to her yet :) But she'll also be at BYU, so I'll for sure see her then if not elsewhere in Kansas. 

also, I don't remember if I told you, but sister Gunderson and I wrote a song (it was mostly her because she figured out the chords and tune on her ukelele and I helped add a few words) but it's called Feed My Sheep and is a part of our mission CD because there are crazy talented missionaries out here who can rap up the wazoo and are just awesome. I'll have to see if I can share some of it with you because we'll get the CD tomorrow.  

Thank you for the wonderful birthday package!!!! Funny thing, the Daley's had their mail on hold while they were gone so I got it on Tuesday, but I'm sure someone will have a birthday soon that we can use all of it for :D  Where in the world did you find the pig-tail headband?!  So funny!!!  (I'll send pictures next week but I forgot to bring my camera to the library. I'm just sending what Sister Gunderson had on her's) Just had a normal pday of playing tons of different sports (I warn them about my soccer skills but they let me play anyways hahaha) but it was really fun :)  Griz and Lynda Racobs took us out to Olive Garden and then Freddie's for ice cream after, on Tuesday as a birthday gift.  The most loving people ever!  Griz pretends to be rough, but he's a pretty big teddy bear most of the time, and Lynda had incredible patience and love for everyone. I don't remember if I mentioned it, but Griz is getting baptized on August 19th because that's the 231st day of the year and that's his favorite #.  He's been on date for a few months now. so goofy, but it's finally getting close. :)
Thanks Nichole! I have to agree all your kids are cute, no one could argue with that!  Makes me so happy to see their little faces! And I hardly recognize Ryden he is SO BIG! That's cool that Br Humphries saw that correllation between missionary work and the craziness in the world that's like Alma 31:5! "And now, as the preaching of the word had a great tendency to lead the people to do that which was just - yea, it had had more powerful effect upon the minds of the people than the sword, or anything else"  That's something I've been thinking about this week too!!! That God really can see the whole picture.  He knows how the pieces fit together because He can see eternity.  I'm glad He's the One who's really in charge :)

Glad you're home safe Mom and Dad!  Sounds like it was a stressful trip, and just like that you'll be off again! haha  Sounds like oodles of fun! I'm sure you'll take lots of pictures and send them to me :) And since the church is the same everywhere, we had a lesson on the Holy Ghost in Relief Society too!!! go figure. haha  Sister Gerber was always so good at bringing in different perspectives and a powerful spirit into lessons.  We can feel as good as we do at church all the time when we let the Spirit be our constant companion.  It's crazy to think of the potential in that relationship and that we can so easily forget what's most important. Sister Roberts was our teacher on Sunday and talked about how we need to be companions to the Holy Ghost, rather than the other way around, implying we have our part to do rather than expecting Him to do all the work, just like you said.  Mind enlightened!!! Also, I agree Dad that those people are definitely true disciples of Christ.  Who doesn't like to get a kind note of encouragement and love?!  Something we talked to a less-active lady about this week is that whenever you hear someone get a priesthood blessing, God tells them He loves them.  He'll tell us every opportunity He gets!! So we should do the same.  Did I mention I love you both?! 
ADAM!!!! you wrote me?!! hahah so good to hear from my big bro :D thanks for the postcard too! Sounds like Disneyland was a real hit!  Who knew Liam would still love shooting stuff a year later (since I last saw him) haha Good luck on the exam! I'll be praying for you. Yay for more family time in the near near future! It's definitely a comfort to know that the Lord will make sure things are taken care of.  He prunes, digs about, and nourishes each tree, and I definitely know He's working miracles :) 

Lashawn is so in tune.  We taught her the plan of Salvation this week and she agreed we lived before this as spirits, and when we talked about Adam and Eve and why the Fall needed to happen and how it was a part of God's plan she said she'd never thought about it that way before, but that it makes total sense.  It really does!!  She's been struggling with her health the last week though because of her diabetes, so she didn't come to church on Sunday, but we're praying for her to make it next Sunday. She wants to go super bad.  Jamesia said she would come next sunday too, but it's been difficult to set up appointments with her since she's working, and has a kid, and is in nursing school on top of all that, but soon we will!!!  
We went over and took out a bunch of bushes and cleaned off Janice's deck with the Elders on Friday.  We got there early to read out of the Book of Mormon with her, because Dyslexia keeps her from being able to read it on her own.  Priesthood power is still hard for her to grasp, but she listened as we read and participated in the discussion, so that was really good :)  We'll be going back this week to help her clean up a few more things too.

And CATHY came to church for the first time!!!!  We got to introduce her to Sister Graff (who we though could be good friends with her, and they don't live too far away from each other). We also found out her true concern about what's holding her back from accepting a baptismal date.  We are so glad for the spirit in helping her to trust us, because we love her so much and it's been killing us knowing that there was something else going on that she wouldn't tell us about, but now we know and can help her move forward :)  We asked her, and she said she knows what we have taught is true.  That was SO good to hear.  

Taliyah also came to church!! We found her a few weeks ago.  She's a 17 year old young woman and Sister Rawson gave her a ride, because her parents said she should go and see how it was before they went.  Goofy, but Taliyah seriously looked like she belonged when she walked in.  She was dressed so cute and modestly, and when I asked her how her day was going as she sat down on the pew next to me, she said,"it's better now"  SO AWESOME!!  She was nervous of course since everything is so different and so new, but it seemed like she really enjoyed young womens and might be going to mutual on Wednesday.  We couldn't have helped her without the members!!!!  They are so key!  If someone doesn't feel God's love through them, they won't come back. When they feel comfortable, the Spirit can reach them the best :) 

Also, Derrick and Kim set a baptismal date for August 30th!  (they still need to get married and follow the word of wisdom) but after they got priesthood blessings yesterday Derrick said, "I feel like my mind is clearer) yup that's the spirit! I think he was a little surprised that he felt different.  SO COOL!  It was cool to explain that when baptism is done by that same power too :)

Well your eyes are probably about ready to fall out after reading all that but here's more! haha  I love you and I love the Lord :)  I've been working on humility this week. In Preach my gospel it says, "Humility is willingness to submit to the will of the Lord and to give the Lord the honor for what is accomplished. It includes gratitude for His blessings and acknowledgment of your constant need for His divine help. Humility is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of spiritual strength. When you humbly trust Him and acknowledge His power and mercy, you can have the assurance that His commandments are for your good.You are confident that you can do whatever the Lord requires of you if you rely on Him."  e I didn't know how to say it better than that, but the Spirit can only speak to us if we are humble and full of faith, having a determination to do the will of the Lord and to trust His divine guidance, and to trust that He really does know better than we do because He can see the whole picture.

Sister Gunderson made sure everyone knew it was my b-day and sang to me.  She even made the oreo cheesecake to share!  She's the best :)

​So this is an awkward one of me, but everyone else's expressions are pretty good. haha

-- love always and forever!
Sister Harston
KWM (Kansas Wichita Mission!)

Ola!!!  Sounds like the 4th of July was fun for everyone!! we saw some fireworks because we sat outside on the Daley's porch to plan with flashlights and glow sticks. pretty fun :D  We had dinner with Brother Harp and the Elders and their investigators who are originally from the congo, but then went to africa and now are in Kansas.  It was cool because one of them, Jerry translates for his brothers in French :)  
Thank you for all the pictures and birthday wishes!!!!! those kids and the sunglasses... Madison is still a diva hahaha  And GREG?! perfect imitation.  Nailed it!! ahahahahahahahah and multiple packages?! What happened to a $5 gift? haha Oh mom, gotta love ya :) Ray's shirt size is probably XL.  It sounds like time flew by in Texas, good thing time won't matter in eternity :D  I really loved what you said about the foundation built on Christ. Everything we do really does point back to Him, and we truly find joy in it! That's something I've been learning too, if we're not finding weaknesses to work on, then we need to ask God to help us because progress still can be made and needs to be made now, not later.  It seems when people leave the church, oftentimes it's not an all of a sudden thing but a slow slope downhill.  Scary, but yep, keep the spirit there and He'll let you know if you're going the wrong way.  

So glad Stephanie and Liliana and Richie are all good!!!  THanks for the pictures KC!!!  Christina really is getting super tall. She's probably passed me by now too! sheesh. wow, first-time aunts. Glad you got to go on a good solid hike and got free ice cream, and got a song.  THey didn't know the depressing version of Happy Birthday by chance did they? haha  

Dad! I found a friend of yours in Kansas!  Thankfully we're labelled as missionaries and he said, "Harston....what's your dad's name? did he have a brother in a wheelchair..." Yes!!  His name is Greg Lietz and he says hi! and thanks for helping him in scouts. Apparently grandma helped teach him to sing, and he was good friends with Jon. Super cool! Probably has changed a bit since the last time you saw him. haha And I am forever grateful for covenants that we make with God.  It keeps reminding me of when Mom and I went to the temple and we did sealings and I got to hear how our family all started.  So special!!!!!!  So sweet :)

​As for the adventures this week, we had some really cool lessons.  We talked to Lashawn who is Jamesia's mom.  Turns out she met with missionaries 20 years ago and came to church, but quit because it was too long. but we found her! she kept saying she's been thinking ever since then of how she LOVES the "women's meeting" We re-taught her the Restoration and while Sister Gunderson was praying to open the lesson, She started whispering to herself. She told us later that she was praying and asking God to tell her what is true.  She wants to give all of herself to God and hasn't felt like she could do that, but when we talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion after baptism, she said that's what she wants.  Also, I started testifying of the truthfulness of the vision Joseph Smith had and she said, "Girl, I know that happened, not because you said it, but because God told me"  WOW!!!!  The Spirit truly is important to have there.  They'll know info from us, but they know Truth from Him :)

Janice came to church on Sunday, and stayed the full 3 hours which was awesome :) She had a church tour with us and Sister Hill on Saturday too.  We haven't gotten much feedback from her, but we really hope that has we serve her (we're taking out some bushes this Wednesday and crushing cans for her) and teach simply and by the spirit and with LOVE that she will know that we want to help, and we want her to be happy. That is the spirit of missionary work!  Christ is our perfect example and I still have so much to learn from Him.  That's why I'm grateful for study time in the morning!

I also know it's so important to visit the older women in the ward.  Sometimes I think they're forgotten but they just want someone to talk to just like we all do!  I love visiting them because they love so easily.  Much to learn from their wise examples. Sister Biel especially is really good at serving people even though she's in a wheel chair.  She fixes meals for the sick, shares Books of Mormon, shares a video about the church with all her friends, invites people over....Selfless service :0)

Well that was a couple of the miracles from the biking week :) staying in shape that's for sure. haha I love you all and pray for you daily!!!!!!  Thanks for your love and prayers and support too.  I truly appreciate it and God does too :)  I know there's so much work to be done and it is MARVELOUS! Miracles are happening, the Lord loves His children, He is always there making up for our weaknesses, strengthening, lifting, and teaching us.  He truly is a great teacher :)

Sorry it's blurry, but we have the independence day spirit!!!!

Greg Lietz!  Who knew he grew up with my dad and is in another ward that meets in the same building as mine in Kansas.  Small world!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

I'm so happy my parents will be able to see each other again soon!!!  It's good to have such wonderful examples in my life!!!  The contrast of families centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ and not, is so huge.  We NEED it!

I hope the kiddos in Texas get better soon. And Nichole, now you can send me a picture of you with the baby!! haha I'm so excited to see the evidence of the adventures going on there :)  So Ryden's favorite superhero is Batman? I'm sure he'll teach his little brother well. haha I'm not sure what I need for my Birthday though....maybe a shade shirt or pens or $5 dress or a sugar free diet plan (members are feeding us desserts at every dinner, I'm in trouble! haha) or something missionary-ish or that I could give to someone to brighten their day.... haha sorry I'm not much help!!

Dad, what happened at Girls Camp?! What's this I hear about a black eye?!  Did you have a fight with a Grizzly Bear?! haha I'm excited to hear your stories from the week.  Girls camp was always such a great week of spiritual growth.  Sounds like Katie Gardner has a tough area. Whew! How can you not love the part of the vineyard you're assigned to when the Lord is on your side, and there are so many wonderful people to meet, and such good news to spread?!  Glad you'll get to be there for Bridger's baby blessing!

Grandma, I'm so grateful for the talents God has given me to share.  There no good when kept to ourselves.  Thank you for your prayers!  You have so much faith that I know they are making a big difference :)  Change is hard, but I'm sure your love is helping Jocelyn's heart to soften so she can better feel the Spirit. :) 

It's been raining on and off this week, but one day we parked our car and decided to go out and tract up the street.  It was only sprinkling but as we kept walking it got a little heavier.  Pretty soon it started POURING down.  We had stopped to talk to an older man named David who let us stand and talk with him under a little gazebo that was covering his car.  The water got up to 4 inches or so by the curb and was a little too wide to jump across.   Sister Gunderson's brilliant idea...take off our shoes and wade back to our car so we could keep our shoes mostly dry. So we did, haha fortunately our car was only a 100 feet away or so.  so here's a picture of it if you can tell. hahahaha GOOD STUFF!

Some amazing miracles and fun experiences this week, Pam Brunner from Emporia e-mailed me and talked about how she learned much and Sister Tycz and I helped her to open the door.  She doesn't fully realize that's the Spirit working, but it made me feel good :) We got to serve a part member family, Griz and Lynda Racobs by doing some yard work.  Felt good to dig stuff up! :)  Also we found a couple who are boyfriend and girlfriend named Derick and Kim.  They were sitting outside so OF COURSE we walked over to talk with them.  Turns out they have been looking for a church to go to.  When we started explaining about the Book of Mormon, Derick said, "I think we have one of those."  Apparently the Elders gave one to their 11 year old son not to long ago. Coincidence? I think NOT!   The second time we met with them, Kim wasn't home and Derick said they were moving so we got their new address.  The next day we went to it and it definitely wasn't Derick that opened the door.  Accidentally tracting! haha  we introduced ourselves and found out the man's name is Brad.  We pulled out the Book of Mormon as we were talking with him and he said, "I don't mean to be nosy, but you're going to give me that Book right?" Yes! we just want to share a few things with you that are in it first.  He mentioned a couple other times too that he really wanted the book.  so awesome.  He told us that 10 years ago he saw a commercial about the Book of Mormon and wanted to read it so he wrote down the number to call.  Through different moves to different houses, he lost it.  10 years later, the Sister missionaries show up to make the delivery!  IS THAT DIVINE OR WHAT?!  He says he knows that the Bible is incomplete and that there's more out there. what a miracle.  The Elders are excited to start teaching him this week :D

Another cool story, we talked to a 17 year old girl named Taliyah 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to get a hold of her since.  We stopped by the other day and her dad (Tony) was outside.  We asked if it was ok for us to meet with and teach Taliyah and he said that was just fine.  We continued talking and OF COURSE testifying of the Restoration.  He believes in the ministering of angels and that Joseph Smith's experience could have happened.  We have a return appointment for Tuesday.  We get to teach a family!!!  I've been noticing how the Lord is not just working on one person at a time, but that each person leads us to someone else who leads us to someone else.  It's a network that no one but He can see.  We got to have faith :)

I'm so grateful for the things I have been learning, re-learning, and ingraining more deeply into my heart regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer.  I know He and our Heavenly Father love us each individually, and dearly.  We are so precious to Them.  We may not completely understand the why  behind everything that happens, but we can hold to the truths we already know and understand about the Godhead.  They can see the whole picture.  They can see where the pieces will fit together.  They know what we need, better than we do.  They will not let us fail if we are willing to do all we can to follow the path that They laid.  Every hardship or joy you go through, Christ has already been there. He understands perfectly.  He strengthens us and supports us every step of the way, but He lets us do the walking. 

-- Love always and forever!
Sister Harston
Miracles across the US!

So sounds like miracles are happening in Texas, California, Kansas, and other places :)  The Lord is working hard! haha :) 

Mom, teaching children early is definitely so important.  I can see the difference by seeing our family and some of the people we talk with out here.  We need to teach them to gain and establish their own testimonies and faith in Jesus Christ and His Restored gospel so they are prepared when life's challenges hit. Also glad to hear I'm not a criminal still. haha 

Dad, sounds like another really good and really crazy week.  Who knew owning your own business would provide so many opportunities to share the gospel!  Did you know that when you started it?! That is seriously so amazing that that lady asked to go to church.  The spirit is definitely working.  There's something more here for everyone!  More happiness, more peace, more faith, more forgiveness, more strength, and we can learn what more to do to become like Jesus Christ and be with Him and our Heavenly Father for eternity with our families.  And you got to give a Book of Mormon too?!  I really hope that man reads it so he can experience at least some relief.  We pray every day for those people to whom we give the Book of Mormon, to just read something and pray about it and be able to recognize what the spirit is telling them.

Katrina, that's the best gift ever for a birthday!  Glad the card got to you ok :)  And Spencer is holding a really big snail.  Glad we don't have those crawling around. haha But did I ever mention we have fireflies in abundance?!  THEY'RE SO COOL!!  What else did you do for your Birthday?

Greg and Ashley, Brynlee is crawling? that'll keep you busy :D  So happy for you!  Greg, no injuries as of late right?! haha

Adam,  I am SO GLAD that you passed!  I knew you would WITH FULL CONFIDENCE! because I knew you were doing all you could and the Lord makes up the difference and answers prayers :) Did you and Katelyn have a little party with the kids to celebrate?! 

Nichole and Justin, what a relief to hear that everything turned out ok.  Glad baby Bridger is good and you are too Nichole!  Man, all those kids are getting big.  That's not allowed! Isn't everything put on hold when you leave for  a mission?! hahaha JUST KIDDING!!!!  That is incredibly amazing timing for Mom's arrival and the baby delivery. Blessings! 

So in Kansas, we've been working!  Sister Hartung e-mailed me and said that Butch and Melanie are on date for baptism, that Devin (Sherrei's son) has actually been listening to us teach the whole time and wants to be baptized eventually, Walker (DJ's brother) is now ready to listen to the missionaries, and Libby (Devin's girlfriend) is totally interested and will be going to young women's this week, and DJ's older brother who lives somewhere has now read the book of mormon 4 times since he heard about it from DJ.  WHAT?!!!  Really hope I can go to those baptisms!  
As for here in College Hill, we had a pretty good week.  We've been talking with EVERYONE!  We met a lady  (by knocking on her door of course) who had a neighbor who was a member of the church.  That neighbor would come over every once in a while and they would sit and talk about their beliefs.  So cool!  She's open to us coming again and further explaining about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation :)  The elders also gave us a referral, a young mom named Jamesia who has the cutest 5 month old daughter, named Mia.  We met her, found her a ride to church, and she came! and ENJOYED IT!!  She said it was a lot to take in, and well, that makes sense because we are sooooo different.  It's true.  Didn't fully realize that until I left on a mission.  We also talked to Ray, who is having difficulty seeing why we need a prophet, but we explained and he seems more ok with it now.  We'll go back of course and we hope to have a sit down lesson with him and his wife this week.  Praying for it!! Also, an investigator I hadn't met yet, came to church with her grandpa.  Zeina is her name and her grandpa is from somewhere else.....I can't remember where at the moment, but he needs people to speak English slowly because it's his second language.  We'd never met him before, he just came because he was interested and wanted to see what Zeina was learning about.  So cool!!!  The Elders in our ward also found 2 guys from Zambia who moved to the US 10 days ago, came to church on Sunday, and want to be baptized.  WHEW!!!  Miracles!!!  Can't wait to tell you all the ones that will happen this week.

I know the Lord is hastening His work and I am humbled to be a part of it.  It truly is a marvelous sight to see :)  I just want to encourage all of you to not feel content with where you're at, because then we are being deceived.  The Lord wants us to set goals, to make plans, to work to be better, to improve and use up the Atonement. That's what it's there for, that's the whole reason Christ came to earth.  I know the Spirit is a comforter, a chastener, a guide, a teacher, and so much more.  I know the Savior LIVES!

Well I love you all and pray for you individually and daily!!!!

Sister Gunderson's expression after catching a firefly...PRICELESS

​Twinners!!  Sister Miller (a Sister Training Leader) and I showed up for e-mails this morning accidentally matching.  Sister Gunderson was also accidentally matching Sister Runia (sister Miller's companion)  District Unity! haha

-- Love always and forever! 
Sister Harston