Thursday, September 11, 2014

Griz Racobs had his baptismal interview on Sunday and he's good to go for his baptism tomorrow evening at 7pm!!!!!!!  Yes, Griz and Grizz. haha  Weird how similar and how different they are.  Both of their wives are named Linda and are members with health challenges.  But Griz Racobs is getting baptized and Grizz Favaron is not.  G. Favaron is still taking baby steps and is recognizing truth a bit at a time.  One day he will be baptized, I know it :)

That's a good idea Dad to give some of it away!  Can't believe I didn't think of that. haha Thanks! Also thank you for your prayers for those we are teaching.  I know "the prayers of the faithful shall be heard" (2 Nephi 26:15). I've been praying for that guy you gave a Book of Mormon to.  Any news about him? Also, way to be prepared! Prophets ARE inspired.  We definitely need them to help us stay on track and stay organized so we can know the will of the Lord and do it. And Dad, you and mom sure did it right :D There are so many broken families.  When Sister Seymour and I were teaching Michele this week, we were talking about the power of prayer.  I started tearing up as I related an experience of walking by yours and mom's bedroom as you were kneeling down to pray.  I heard you plea with the Father on each of our behalf for help with each of our individual struggles.  There's so much power in the prayer of a righteous mother and father united in purpose and looking to God.  So much power!

Mom, I'll send those to you just as soon as I get them, haha :) Grizz will be overjoyed to receive all those Grizzly items, you have no idea hahaha  Way to go to those 2 primary kids! sheesh. I didn't realize that those numbers were so small. How did sister Rachac know?! haha  Sorry the Summer flew by so quickly!  Before you know it it will be Thanksgiving break though right?! ;)  I hope Sister Sorenson does go back to church, that will help her heal because of the Sacrament!! The Atonement of Jesus Christ can work wonders :) It's crazy how us people know what we need to do, have received that answer from God and still don't do it, who knows why. A lot of times, I think we need to be invited to change by someone else or it doesn't happen. Lovingly bold, I think it would be ok to invite her to change by saying something like, "You know it'll make you happier and that you need to go, so go. We'd love to save a seat next to us for you :)"  You probably have already tried that, but agency can really slow people down sometimes. Sounds like an inspiring movie, that's awesome!  Torn is a good word for it.  The feelings are hard to explain.  I will fly to the MTC in Sao Paulo and have intensive language training for 2 weeks, then they'll fly me to my area in Fortaleza. Sister Anderson has been serving in Virginia :)  I think items-wise, I'm good to go for Brazil :)

This week has been AMAZING :)  We went over to see Beth Raya with Sister Green and we all talked about the Word of Wisdom.  She smokes and loves her tea, but committed to live it.  Sister Green was key in that lesson.  She was able to explain so well how the Lord will provide a way.  Beth also committed to come to  Griz's baptism tomorrow.  Sister Green is going to pick her up and then take her to get ice cream after, so fun!  Beth had been a little wary when we came because she was pretty tired, but after said, thanks I needed that.  We ALL need regular spiritual nourishment.  Why do we ever deprive ourselves of it?  We also met a lady named Tabatha.  She's a young mom who goes to the Methodist church with her husband, which is right up the street.  She's never been baptized before so she wholeheartedly accepted baptism and a date.  Unfortunately she wasn't able to come to church on Sunday because they were on a camping trip, but next Sunday for sure :) She just needs to understand more about how baptism isn't just a "thing to do" but it's a covenant with God and will change and bless the rest of her life! Good stuff :)  Michele is doing pretty well too.  She has stopped smoking and is on track to be baptized on the 30th.  We helped her clean out some boxes and drawer handles and hook up her DVD player so she could watch some church videos.  (She's now watched 3!)  Life is full of a lot of changes for her, so we'll be over there a lot to help her stay strong :)  Brandon and Katie Kitchen came to church again this Sunday, but had to leave early so he could get to work.  I really hope they felt the spirit, because it's always there.  However, our feeling his presence is up to our choosing to be in tune. 

This is the house we moved into.  We're so spoiled that it's just the 2 of us in it!  So much space

I know the Lord is with us every step of the way.  It's normal to be anxious and stressed at times, because we are human.  However, those feelings need not overwhelm us because they can be overcome through us using the enabling power of the Atonement, given to us at baptism.  Why not make it easier on ourselves and enlist the help of a Father in Heaven who is already willing to grant it, if we would but ask then go and do all we can to make it happen.  I know the Lord is our Savior and Redeemer.  He Atoned for each one of us, and that Atonement is eternal. It continues to work, and we invite all to use it!

-- Love always and forever!
Sister Harston

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