Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lots of talk about Brazil lately and people asking, "Are you excited?"  To be honest, yes, and a little bit of no.  I LOVE Kansas!  I Love the people here, I love sister Seymour, I love the leaders... But I know that I will love everything about Brazil too. It almost seems unreal.  But "I'll go where you want me to go, Dear LORD....I'll be who you want me to be"  I'm now feeling pressure more than ever to find all I need to find while I'm here.  They e-mailed me my itinerary and it'll take from 9 am Sept 2 til 6am Sept 3 to get there. I also just found out that Sister Anderson (from my MTC district) will report to the Brazil MTC the same day as me.  Sweet reunion that will be!

I did get both your e-mails mom and a letter from Grandpa this week with all the details about Brazil.  haha  I think he's pretty excited. Glad you got your grand-kid fix! Ethan's climbing?! He couldn't even crawl yet, what happened?! hahah Hermana Mishler is definitely just getting more awesome by the day :)  Sounds like the new teacher is really solid and knows what she's doing!  I'm glad you'll have a little less stress in your life :) We truly have been blessed with the blessings of the fullness of the gospel from the get-go! Such a sweet family baptism, glad they're getting the ward's support!

And Dad, so many fires!!! I will be here for the rest of the transfer fortunately :)  I'm learning so much from Sister Seymour! Grateful for her patience with me her fumbly trainer. haha We're staying busy though, that's for sure!  Also, we are not moving in to the Robertson's house anymore, so we've been staying with the Sister Training Leaders. Hopefully today we'll get to move in to the woods' house.  They'll be gone for 6 months so we get to hold down the fort :) Craziness. Mail should be sent to the mission home, the 7011 E 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67206-1219 address :) 

This week, we've had to stop visiting a few people which is hard because we know the gospel will bless their lives so much! but we have to find those whom the Lord has prepared for now.  We've had some cool run-ins this week with people who have member friends, or who lived in Utah. One lady let us right in and there were a couple other moms there with their kids too. They weren't interested in learning more, but they like Mormons and feel their trustworthy good people. "You don't happen to like baby-sitting do you?" haha no time for that right now sorry!   So funny, but very sweet people. The Elders found a lady by the name of Michelle.  She has been so humbled by her circumstances.  Her husband (who passed away 5 years ago) was a members so she has attended church before.  She calls all of us her angels. she's so sweet, and she's preparing to be baptized on August 30th :)

Griz Racobs is still on track for the 19th to be baptized! He has good questions and can stump us for a second sometimes, but the Spirit guides.  We don't always have all the answers, but many of the answers he's seeking just need to be prayed over, and listened for :)  What a precious gift prayer is!

Shirlene is on date for September 20th and she is just awesome.  The Elders gave her a blessing this past week and after, Elder Hughes asked how she felt.  "I feel a little different" He then testified of the power of God, the cleansing power of the Holy Ghost, and how that feeling is available to all those worthy of it who have been baptized and confirmed by the proper priesthood authority.  So powerful!!!!!  She's really striving to live the Word of wisdom.  Unfortunately she didn't make it to church on Sunday, she's a little self conscious of her black eye from tripping and falling over the other day.  so sad, but it's healing well!

The Kitchen's are doing well too and working together :) It's so exciting to see when people feel the Spirit and have that desire to change, to come closer to Christ and be perfected in Him.  also some photos of the week!!

​This is the Favaron family, Joey, Linda, and Grizz.  He's not a member and is gruff on the outside but always super nice to us and just seeking for truth :)

Ready for church! Michelle and Griz came, YAY!

The Andover zone!!! Elders Cline, Gonzalez, Hughes, Ibarra, Farnsworth, Pututau, Daines, Kempter, um..., Sisters Seymour, Miller
Front row, Sisters Bradshaw, Mcquay, Barrera, Tomson, Guillen, Pack

I can testify that miracles are happening.  God works according to the faith of His children.  He lets us do so much, and then makes up the difference every time.  I know He is with us.  He's got  a hand in all we do.  We're always striving to improve and use the Atonement EVERY DAY and I encourage you to do the same.  Make some goals, make a plan, then do it and invite others to come unto Christ :)  I love the Lord and I love you all!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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