Thursday, September 11, 2014

so I get to send a special e-mail from Brazil.  I made it!  Flew from kansas to Georgia and met up with several missionaries there.  Some of them have been serving stateside for a while, and others are straight from home.  It was a long 9 hour overnight flight, and we were sad we couldn't really see anything because it was dark out
, but the mission picked us all up this morning, we got our money exchanged, and we're here now at the MTC! or i should say CTM.  It's pretty amazing here.  Everything is open to the fresh air outside which is really nice.  Also, everyone speaks Portuguese, even at the CTM so immersion starts now! It's awesome and my excitement is building.  I heard they'll even let us go out and talk with people tomorrow.  YAY!!!  Sister Anderson is here from my first MTC district and we're companions, fun!!!  Also a Sister Taylor is here and i knew her from my singles ward in Regency.  So many connections!  Anyways, just letting you all know I'm here safe and sound and ready to serve the Lord 

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