Sunday, August 3, 2014

How's it going?! This week was crazy with transfers and everything. The new missionaries came in on the hottest day of the year so far, and I met Sister Seymour who is awesome!  She's from Portland, Oregon and is a Cello major at BYU, Provo.  Went there for 3 years so she's 21.  I asked and it was her great uncle that died in that car accident, and she has other family in California too I think.  She is ready to work and is very perceptive and wants to work according to the people's needs.  Good stuff!  She's training herself, let's be honest. haha

Elder Black from Alpine Utah, it IS such a small world, especially in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints it seems.  Good to see a picture of Spencer and Katrina together, so cute.  hahah don't know what to think ;) It's true that when they feel that Spirit again, they want it!  I know I cherish feeling the Spirit everyday. I've been trying to pay more attention to that, and He really can be with us always if we are repentant and humble and full of faith.  And yes, as missionaries we definitely like to keep things fun!!! ahahahhahahaha  How old are Uncle Jim and Aunt Laralee's kids? They're so big!  Good sibling photo though.  Sealed for time and all eternity!!  And I guess Ashley didn't want her picture taken? haha

KC where are you moving to? How is campus handling the whole flood situation? Spencer's from Provo and served in Africa...what language did he learn?

OH and we'll be moving to the Robertson's so our address will be different

So this week was pretty awesome.  We took the new missionaries out tracting on Tuesday right after their flight landed in Kansas.  So fun!  Miracles happened and a few of the companionships worked in College Hill area and gave us a few referrals of people to go visit, and more members who want to come back.  Amazingly inspired missionaries here in Kansas! And Sister Gunderson is now officially in Hiawatha and I'm sure she's loving it. Transfer day was cool because there are so many reunions where we get to see all these awesome people we have learned to love so much!  Sister Heger, Sister Hartung, Sister Mckay, Sister Mortensen, etc.  We had a training meeting Wednesday morning and now I know better than before that it's a sacred trust from the Lord to train a new missionary.  You help to set the tone for the rest of their mission.  I loved what the APs said about how you are the example and you want them to be better than you are now sooner than you got there (if that makes sense)  It's nice to go over the basics again and re-focus.  Sister Seymour has a lot of good insights :)

We're now teaching a young girl, Tessa, who's on house arrest but really wants to change her life around and is planning on being baptized on September 20th.  We went over with Dayna Rawson (a return missionary who served in Santa Rosa California Spanish Speaking) to see the Gonzalez family who are less active and who missionaries found on Tuesday.  The mom only speaks spanish but her kids speak english. she wants to come to the english ward to learn english. pretty cool :) It was definitely inspired she came with us so we could communicate!

Tiyana (age 13), Alexus (age 10), and Vivica (age 15) came to church on Sunday!!!  It was so fun to see them all there on the pew.  Sister Hawkins was kind enough to give them a ride.  They seemed to enjoy it, but I know they'll like it even more when they come again because they'll really know what to expect.  Beth, their mom had to work that morning, but wants to come next Sunday. Such an awesome family!

Sister SEYMOUR!!!!!

This is Griz and Lynda Racobs :)

We've definitely been blessed this week.  I know the Lord is with us.  I know He'll guide us as we do all we can, rely on the Spirit, and account to Him every day.  Kansas is a sacred place for me.  A place where the Savior walks and there's evidence of Him everywhere.  The Atonement is the center of all we do.  It's all Because of Him that we're out here to spread the word.  Forgiveness and happiness and peace are available through the fullness of His gospel, we just got to let all His kids know :)

-- Love always and forever!
Sister Harston

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