Monday, November 24, 2014

What a good week it was!  Every week the Lord blesses us so much :)  Yesterday Kaue and Lucia were baptized :)  They were so ready!!  I can´t describe the feelings of joy that were present.  It´s just so amazing when people humble themselves and decide to follow Christ, to change, to repent, to be CLEAN!  They´re amazing.  Can´t wait til Sunday when they´ll receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Sweet sweet experience. 

(also some things here in Brazil are a bit expensive.  I was also told that if you send a small package it would get here in a month.  I thought I´d mention a few things it could include if that´s ok. 4 Mascara, 1 deodorant, daily vitamins, and a little bit of sunscreen)  thanks!

Thank you for the pictures! I love them all!!!! bones and turtles. what a combo. haha  and Brynlee´s smile! AW! Did Nichole´s family have some fun too??
Primary Programs are the BEST!  Sounds like it brought a lot of people together and a sweet spirit too.  THanks to an inspired mother who invited others to join in!!!  There´s a lot of power in an invite :) Yay a whole family together forever.  I bet they´re excited to go to the temple in a year. Adam as Laman or Lemuel. Hmmm....should be interesting :D  And I receive e-mails every week from Sister Mishler and Sister Sturtevant.  They really are doing an amazing job.  Awesome missionaries.  And Grandma Harston, a little note truly can work wonders in the heart of the person who writes it and receives it.  

 This is week was amazing.  Truly, we saw the Lord´s hand very clearly in the work. Sister Sosa and I were companions Thursday in my area, while Sister Silva was with another sister and Sister Alcocer went to Pecém.  We talked with a family that we saw sitting outside their house on the street and they agreed to let us come another day to share out message.  When we came back (me with sister Alcocer this time) we went to the door of the house we thought was correct, and found the brother of the people we talked to and his wife and kids.  What seemed at first to be an accident turned out to be a nudge from the spirit.  THey let us in to talk with them all and share the plan of salvation.  THey´ve encountered a lot of challenges in their lives as we all do, but THE SPIRIT THERE WAS POWERFUL!  Hearts were heard.  THe Lord knew what they needed.  We´re excited to visit again and help the to truly understand how their family can be together forever through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We´re also teaching another couple who we love dearly. Their names are Jovenal and Luiza.  He drinks and smokes and she wanted us to help him quit.  Seems like he needed the spirit and the invitation because, when we visited again, he hadn´t used any all day! wow.  THey´ve also accepted the baptismal date of the 7th of December.    

Elder Barton (left) baptized Kaue, and Elder Borges (right) baptized Lucia.  I´ve already forgotten what we were laughing at. haha

All the people who were baptized Sunday!

Everyone´s excited!
This week I´ve been studying and pondering the Christlike attribute of Virtue.  Our mind is a powerful thing. Everything we do starts with a thought. We can choose what we think - be it positive, or negative.  But we can change our thoughts in the second we receive them because we have the gift of agency and the power of the Atonement.  We have hymns to sing, scriptures to repeat, a prayer to speak, and service to do.  Choose now to be better, not tomorrow, not tonight. NOW.  We won´t be perfect, that´s a given.  But you can be happy NOW through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It´s your choice :D  I invite all to memorize a quote, or scripture this week that has great meaning in your life, as individuals and families.  I promise your week will be better as a result.  

You´re in my prayers!

-- love always and forever 
Sister Harston

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