Monday, November 24, 2014

Oi! Tudo bem?! This week flew by! Seriously seems like times goes faster and faster.  Learning so much!  We meet so many people, give so many hugs, and it´s truly an experience to be cherished. 

Katrina!  You´re gorgeous! and your roommates too :)  Wow looks like it´ll be a fun semester. Walking, good stuff!  Still working with Little Caesars? I think I´m craving pizza now.  they just don´t have it here. hahaha And yeah, I´m not THAT far away. haha  I think the branch needs your piano skills, mine have suffered from a lack of practice. haha  But I love it anyways, as long as it brings the spirit right?!  right :) I´m sure they´ll use you up in those callings once things get rolling. I got Justin´s e-mail about staying.  They usually do give you the choice to go or not.  For me, I just went. haha It was like I didn´t have to choose I just knew. But he definitely showed great faith in his prayer to know God´s will!

Dad, the opportunity was there to extend and there´s just more to be done, to learn, more people to serve, to love!  Charity never fails, a slogan for all, not just the relief society :) Casey Blakely sounds like he´ll be a fantastic missionary.  Wow!  Big changes since I last saw him.  SO cool. You´re an awesome member missionary dad! great patience :)

Mom, I seriously laughed when you said what you picture Satan´s reaction is when we do what is right. Good stuff :)  Pumpkin farm adventure! Glad it worked out, not glad for the headache.  We really are blessed to have the family we do!

SOOOOO notícias for this week :)  It´s pretty hot outside, dark by 6 which is nice because it cools off.  It´s weird because it´s october but it´s summer. haha  Lucia has been sick this week with a fever and all, but she has incredible faith!  She prayed and knows the Book of Mormon is true, only from us reading with her since she can´t read on her own.  And she went to church with us Sunday despite sickness.  She´s amazing. She always makes this coconut dessert for us and even had Caue bring some to us when she wasn´t home.  So sweet. She´s agreed to prepare to be baptized and it´ll probably be the 8th of November.

We´ve also been getting to know Palmarim, a little farther down the road from our apartment, about a 25 min walk, but Enrique and his WIFE  Andreza were home and were very receptive to our message.  His dad is a pastor for another church and was very nice :)  Enrique even took notes about how Christ´s church is built on a foundation of Apostles, prophets, and the power of God.  

We found a family, family Santana.  They´re awesome.  The dad Glydson is very intelligent and he does his research.  We´ll get to teach them the full restoration this week which I´m excited for because we know he´ll have good questions.  Teach by the spirit! Grateful to have Sister Alcocer who can understand everthing and helps me out :) his Family is so sweet!  The daughter ohana got a notebook out for the lesson.  WE also have a fun habit of singing a hymn to start every lesson :) Hymn and a prayer! 

Jarliani, 23, came to a Noite Familiar (FHE) with us at the home of Elder and Sister Seganti.  It was really good.  She was fellowshipped well.  She just has lots to do.  She got an answer that the church is true!!!!  But she´s busy caring for the kids of other people.  We have faith she´ll be able to come with us to church this sunday :)

ALSO, We talked with Lauriani, the mom of 2 girls who were being taught by the sisters before us.  She was busy doing laundry at first, but when she sat down and listened, whoosh the spirit was there.  She even began to cry.  What a sweet experience.  She´s a good mom :) Also provided a plate full of cookies to eat after.  :)

​view from our apartment here in Caucaia (and an Ônibus which everyone uses here to get places, you stand or sit and hold the rods bolted to the roof)

We walked by here sometimes in Montese  ( the van looking thing in the middle, lots of people use this type of car)
I testify that the Spirit speaks all languages.  I know that Christ wants this message shared with all His children.  He has us to work with to deliver that message.  The Atonement of Jesus Christ is truly a powerful thing that can help us overcome every inner challenge we face and also those that are physically hard.  It´s amazing.  How people live without the gospel, I DON`T KNOW!  It´s a blessing, it´s a gift, it makes me happy, and even more happy to share it with those willing to listen, and even better, those wanting to change :)

The church is true :)  Stay strong! Be safe!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

Here are some photos!!!  Sorry couldn´t upload them last week. Also can´t walk around with our cameras or they´ll get stolen, but I´ll see what I can do to sneak a couple shots of where we are :)

we´re getting tan!

Robeirio and Elisangela and their son Gabriel on the left, and Auricelia with her daughter in the middle.  Investigators in Montese! Roberio offered us bread every visit. haha  Miss them!

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