Monday, November 24, 2014

Transfers are already here, and yep, I´m being transferred and I´ll be training.  Ah!!!  What a humbling call.  I guess the Lord has some more growth in store for me. I´m grateful for the opportunity!  I´ll meet my new companion tomorrow afternoon and then they´ll tell me where I´m going.  Lots of people to bear a departing testimony too! but leaving them in the hands of Sister Alcocer means I´ve got nothing to fear. :)

So Mom, you and Dad are in Bakersfield living with Katelyn and Lemuel. haha So awesome.  And sounds like Thanksgiving in Idaho will be a little frigid!  I´m sure Ethan will be fine. Little kids are practically made of rubber and heal super fast. haha  One day I´ll read Griz´s books too.  Holding up really well!  Eating lots of delicious fruit :)  The members feed us a huge lunch everyday so yep, eating really well :) And yes, if you could send the package to the misson home, that would be great. the address is. 

Av Santos Dumont, 1789 -Sl.1612 - 
Aldeota 60150 - 160 Fortaleza Brasil.

Sounds like a good musical production.  Yeah I knew some day he´d have to sing in front of people becaues he has an awesome voice!  haha Way to speak up as a visitor Dad :)

Katrina, I can´t even imagine a frozen nose and eyelashes. ow! STAY WARM PLEASE! haha and yes the sun is sure making me change colors. haha  And Greg and Ashley are going on an adventure!  Sounds like Mary Kay is really fun for Ashley :0 I´m sure Brynlee would like to try everything too! Walking.  I can´t hardly believe it. As for a Christmas present... A bar of chocolate and pictures :) 

Nichole, Heavenly Father definitely answered that prayer fast.  Justin will be awesome and I´m sure you´ll get to know the missionaries there really well too.  You´re learning tagolog! All I remember from Tyler is Kilikili, and pananampalataya and ongoy.  Haha hope I wrote that correctly.  Thanks for the pictures!!1 you´re kids are getting so big! goodness gracious sakes alive. 

Favorite spiritual experience this week...hard to choose. haha We met with a couple, Erika and Glicio this week. They´re awesome!  Seriously love them. They have an amazing desire to raise their family right with good morals.  Like all families, they have their trials and like all of us, can be a little hard headed at times.  The lesson we had planned was not the lesson we taught. It was definitely led by the spirit.  Sometime the spirit instructs us to be firm, sometimes more loving, and other times more relaxed.  Hard to explain. but it was what they needed.  They came to church this Sunday. I was overjoyed.  Something so simple, goingto church, but so important! I know if people put in the effort to go to church every week with a humble heart, the Lord will provide a way.

Also, Kaue and Lucia were confirmed this week.  IT´s complete and official!  They can now repent every day for the rest of their lives, be warned, comforted, instructed, etc.  What an amazing gift.

Also our investigator Francisca came to church.  She´s overflowing with questions, but she has such a strong desire to learn.  She´s incredible!  We saw her in the street walking with a Restoration pamphlet.  She then took us to meet her friend Joseni with whom she´d just been telling everything she learned from us.  She asked for another pamphlet to give to another friend too.  She´s incredible!  Looking for truth :)

This week i found a scripture that taught me a good lesson in (Ether) and its talking about the brother of Jared and his people as they travelled across the waters. èter 6:8 which says,"E aconteceu que enquanto estavam sobre as águas, o vento não deixou de soprar em direção á terra prometida; e assim foram eles impelidos pelo vento."  THe wind will always blow in our lives. We´ll always have trials, but know that their pushing you towards the promised land, closer to the savior, closer to heaven.  We´ll never get there without the wind.

Thank you all for your testimonies, for being witnesses of truth along with the prophets, apostles, missionaries, and other members throughout the world.  Love you!!!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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