Monday, November 24, 2014

Sister Alcocer and I are both being transferred together!!! I definitely didn´t expect that.  Our new area is Planoalto, towards the interior part of our mission.  But sheesh I already have to say goodbye to people here!  THe hardest will be telling Elisangela, Robeirio, Gabriel, Auricelia, and Jefferson.  Good thing we have good notes and records of the work done here so the next missionaries will know where to start, but man it hurts my heart every time I have to leave an area.   

Katrina, Zumba´s going to be so fun!!!!  Yeah, work and school isn´t easy to combine, but hey can´t have one without the other. haha and YES exercise gives you more energy.  We run every morning here for 30 min and it helps! weird right? haha I´m not certain what time zone.  It might be 4 hours difference from California so 3 hours from you? maybe? Awesome conference party!

Mom, sad about the e-mail but I´m glad Grandma go it to you. You went to the temple, yay!!!!!!!  I think you´re an amazing teacher by the way mom. And I say that with all sincerity!  It´s a talent.  

Conference was amazing wasn´t it?!  THey set up a tv for the Americans to watch it in English :)  BUt I watched the 4th session in Portuguese so I could stay with our investigators.  That was perfect because that was the session in which Elder Calos Godoy spoke.  While you had subtitles, we just listened to him. So awesome that there were people speaking in so many different languages. Many people do not understand the nature of God.  He is unchanging!  If you want the priesthood to be given to women, take it up with Him! haha but it´s true.  God´s at the head of His church.  That is something I have a firm testimony of.  He´s directing the work.  He´s leading the prophet and apostles and leaders.  THey never make a decision without first praying, studying it out, and asking if it be right.  THey know how to follow the spirit better than we do! 

This week, we were really working with Fatima.  She is the most patient lady I know and very giving too.  She gave us this peanut dessert and it was DELICIOUS!  Haven´t had amendoim (peanuts) in a while. haha She´s preparing for baptism, which we won´t be able to attend, but I´m excited for her.  It will bless her and her family more that she knows.  She has a hard time understanding some things, but part of that is that I´m still learning how to explain them in Portuguese, haha  Love her!

Elisangela, Robeirio, Gabriel, and Auricelia went to the 4th session of conference with us.  Elder Bednar´s talk was so perfect!  It was so wonderful and exciting that they were there. Hope to talk to them soon about all their thoughts and feelings.

We´re walking lots and hugging lots of people and testifying with all our hearts.  The people have the choice to accept or reject that testimony which is hard sometimes, but I trust that the Lord will give them another chance.  THey need this gospel, and so do we.  I love the Lord, I love this work, I love my companion and am excited to work with her for another transfer.  

Wonderful sisters! from peru, argentina, brazil, texas, and north carolina

Be jealous, the avocados (abacate) is huge here!

​There´s lots of sun that´s for sure!
--   Love always and forever!
Sister Harston

Maracujá, bread made with cheese, mamau (papaya) and so many other new foods! Mmmmmm

​​Mission president and his wife, President and Sister Bonini
sorry can´t remember if I already sent this one or not

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