Monday, November 24, 2014

So that big ol´ title is the name of our new area! We´re opening it and learning where we are very quickly :) Sister Melo got here and she´s from Mine gerais, Brasil.  She´s AWESOME and incredibly sweet.  She has an amazing desire to work, and to do it right.  She´s learning super fast and teaching me a lot.   We live with Sister Nascimento and Sister Machado who are both from Brazil as well. They want to learn how to speak english so we´re starting to practice the song, Come Thou Fount, all together.  fun stuff :) 

Also, thank you so much for sending the package! Sounds like Thanksgiving will be a frigid one this year. haha  Warm hearts, cold fingers. haha  I hope the family continues to receive blessings of health and safety!  Also, heads up, We´ll be skyping on the 22nd of Decemberthis year because  that´s our pday.  It´ll be 40 min, don´t know what time yet.  

Don´t have much time this week, but way to support the missionaries!  I agree it´s incredibly hard for people to go to church alone, Shows they have a lot of faith when they stay strong :) I´m definitely going to be in contact with Sister Alcocer.  We´ve already made plans to be roommates at BYU! hahaha It´ll be ótimo :) 

This week was really good.  We´ve got our map in hand, and we´re talking with lots and lots of people. Part of our area is right next to a lake. TONS of people live there.  THe sisters before us (one of whom is Sister Tenney who is in our stake! she returned home this week. If you see her say hi for me?) already had some investigators, two of which, Marinelda and Gabriella are so ready to be baptized. They´re excitement is contagious. Super sweet.   The ward is awesome and I got the opportunity to give a talk on Sunday.  They are doing a 40 day fast for missionary opportunities, so one person fasts per day and passes it off to some one else.  Pretty cool idea and we´re already seeing the blessings of it.  I´m excited to work here and give them all I have.

Sister Melo and I

With Glicio and Erika, our investigators in Planalto :)

All together at a conference!  Sister Silva, Sister Sosa, and Sister Alcocer.

I know the Lord is blessing us and helping us everyday.  His Atonement has such power if we but apply it every day in our lives. He gave us the power to choose, to CHANGE.  What an amazing gift.  I know He loves us.  I know He wants all of His children to return to live with him again someday .  What a glorious message we have to share!  "perfect love casteth out all fear!" Pray for this love!  

I sure love you all! have a wonderful week! Be happy be healthy!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tan line, horrible!

a road we walked a lot in Planalto, Rua do grupo

I got to see Sister Jackson again!!!

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