Monday, November 24, 2014

Summer will soon be in full force here.  So weird since people are already putting up Christmas decorations.  Shouldn´t it be cold? haha  Also, forewarning, I´m going to be buying a few things because My shoes are dying and a few shirts...lets just say I´d be embarrassed to wear them. haha so yeah, they´ve been put to good use these last 14 months!  Also funny story,.I got mosquito bites on my eyelids while I was sleeping! needless to say I looked a little strange with puffy eyes.  We got a good laugh out of it :)

Mom, way to be an example of the believers and for being a second mom for all those kids :) It truly is a special and important role.  Many families today are struggling, all over the world!  THe gospel will help!  There was a man on Sunday who bore his testimony.  He didn´t know how to read but is teaching himself by using the scripture.  INCREDIBLE FAITH!  it was really cool.  I thought he read pretty good :)  The spirit is essential in missionary work, that´s for sure.  We don´t know people´s hearts or feelings or family situation but GOD DOES.  He knows when the right timing is.   That´s interesting to compare the even with the twin towers to doing work for our ancestors.  cool!  

Dad, I love having the title of Sister too :) never gets old! And remember the things I´m learning now are being reimbursed because I first learned them from you and Mom.  Hugs and kisses, headlocks, all of it :)  That´s an impressive lesson you learned as a 6 year old. wow

Grandma, I´m SO HAPPY to hear your surgery truly worked wonders. Sounds like lots of fun with the grandkids and great grandkids :) Love you! 

This week Lucia has really been preparing for her baptism.  She has such great humility that once she learned about the word of wisdom, she immediately began living it.  Also, her grandson Cauen is going to turn 8 this week! They can be baptized together!  What a special experience that will be.  AND, we finally got a chance to talk with her husband. 
YAY!  We hope to start teaching him this week too so their family can one day be together for eternity :) Special people!

The family Barbosa is pretty special too.  The 2 daughters, Darlani, and Luana have already been taught a bit by the previous sisters, and we taught the Restoration to Lauriani which was amazing.  This week we got a chance to teach the husband Darlan.  He´s awesome. Very calm.  Initially the parents didn´t want to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but when they gave it a chance, the spirit testified!!!  You could see it in their eyes that they were feeling something different.  Many times the Lord gets to us through other people, and with families, that´s our soft-spot! I know each member of the family will help the others to feel the spirit and find the truth :)

Also the family Silva. Socorro is a hoot always, we´re always laughing with her, but her husband Jairo is awesome too.  WE had a family home evening with them this week and we taught about the Book of Mormon. We played a little bit of the game Telephone to show that things change a lot when spoken, so God made sure they were written. It was really cool because Jairo made a comment towards the end about the Bible and Book of Mormon - that the Book of Mormon clarifies what the Bible says - something we hadn´t taught (and he´s never ready the Book of Mormon) but that he had been taught by the spirit.  SO amazing. 

Our message is different.  It´s unique. It´s powerful.  It´s important and incredibly valuable. Just give us one chance, one visit, one testimony, and I promise the spirit will be there to cary the message unto their hearts!  If they´re open, if they´re ready to have all of the truth, they´ll let the spirit in and He´ll work the change as he has worked already on our hearts.  The change is our desire, our faith, our very nature.  We change to become more like Christ.  More humble, more grateful, more service oriented, more loving, more prayerful, more like a child of God should be.  I know the church Jesus Christ established has been restored. It´s His and it´s HERE, accessible now.  What an amazing and priceless gift we´ve been given and have to give.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Read your scriptures, live the gospel, share it with others :)

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

One of the roads we were walking down in Palmarim.  Mountains!!!
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