Sunday, January 5, 2014

So Christmas is Awesome, what can I say? haha  Also, I've sent out some Christmas cards and They'll get there late, but only a few people in the family are getting them cause I don't have everyone else's addresses, but I love you all the same!!!!!! :)  So happy to hear Kegasi is home safe and sound and is doing fabulously ;)  I also just heard from Amy  (Sister Harston too!) haha which was awesome.  So I guess the Primary is still pretty small if adding 3 kids doubled it. haha 
As for SKYPING!  Bah this is crazy, Christmas is coming so fast.  So Sister Wyatt in our ward is going to let us come over to use her computers (I just need to remember my Skype password somehow. haha)  We have breakfast with the Rhodes family in the morning and lunch with Tony and Rhonda (THANKS Tollett family! Since I know you're reading this Rhonda ;) haha They also have 2 presents under their tree for me and Sister Tycz and refuse to give us any hints about what they are. sheesh! haha  So yeah, I really really really want to see everyone together, but I'll only have an hour at most to talk, so we'll really try to Skype in the morning, but I can't guarantee it because of everywhere we need to go.  I might call for a few minutes in the morning to say hi and set up a time to Skype though. 
Can't believe I'll have at least 4 little kids to meet when I get back!  Is Kegasi amazed at the change in size of our family? haha Liam and Ryden are such boys it makes sense. haha  Having so many nieces and nephews helps me relate to people out here which is an extra bonus :)
Thanks for the note Justin :)  I'm excited you'll have another little addition to your family soon and hope Nichole's nausea stuff goes away soon.  Can't wait to find out what you're expecting!!  It's totally true about forgetting yourself because then you remember to rely on the spirit and trust so you can just go forth and forget your own nervousness, and weaknesses.  I still have lots to work on but that's what the studies are for! to learn, make plans and goals of how to be better, then applying it.
I think last time I mentioned that Sister Tycz and I were given the idea to share the Christmas story out of the Book of Mormon so we made the 12 days of Christmas using it.  And people have been reading!! That makes me so excited because the Book of Mormon are where all the answers are and as we use it fully and pray about it sincerely while also using the Bible, they will confound false doctrine so you are left with pure and simple truths.  I love love love reading the Book of Mormon.  i'm hungry to read more when my hour of personal study is up and I've never really experienced that before til my mission. 
As Christmas draws closer I really wanted to focus on the Savior and gain a greater understanding of His birth, life, Atonement, and Ressurrection so I've been reading in Matthew and Mark and also Jesus the Christ.  It's so amazing!!! Christ performed so many miracles and knew He needed others to help His gospel go forth to everyone so He gave authority to His apostles to teach and they would be given power also as they were exactly obedient.  I'm learning about the significance of being called and set apart as a missionary. We have the promise from our Savior that He will be with us and go before our face if we trust in Him and are obedient so He can trust us.  His children are sooo loved by Him that He wants them all to be happy and that is through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know this because I feel it and have experienced it.  I want to give people what our family has and what makes us so strong together!  It's not just us but it is the Savior.
yesterday Church was cancelled again because of the Snow and ice so we were told to stay home for a while but we got the BEST text in the world from our new investigator Junior.  He said, "I'm reading the Book of Mormon right now and was wondering what all the numbers and stuff on the bottom of the page are."  Saweet!!! we get to go see him tomorrow :) Also during our little bit of down time, we built a snow temple. such missionaries haha  Also Sister Jensen made us eggs, bacon, and applesauce pancakes for breakfast that morning.  Mmmmmm....we're so spoiled here by their kindness :)
Oftentimes the people we visit who are Less Active really only need a friend to help lift them up.  Home and visiting teaching are so important! even if they seem totally strong and like they don't need you, they do.  I'm learning that you can't help but love someone once you get to know them personally. 
Also, I have a funny story to tell you all on Wednesday about me and Sister Tycz freaking out at about 11:00 at night. baha  you have to wait...
Also, I probably need to apologize a bit for all the money you had to spend on me to send me those packages.  But thank you.  I'm using the blue and gray and white striped one and they are so warm :)  I'll open the other one on Christmas :)   An apparently I've been spending too much money out here on a scarf and that bike and warm socks and stuff but I can't check my bank account, so could you for me?  Thank you!!!
Also, funny, I have people praying for me to go to Brazil so I can get out of the cold, haha but I'm staying warm and the snow is super pretty :)
Talk to you all on Wednesday!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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