Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ola! got your letter and packages mom! thanks so much!  Sounds like some crazy stuff is going on back home and tell Elizabeth I love her!!! She was always the sweetest to me and the one I visited a couple times a week for a few weeks in young womens.  Good to hear from everyone!  Did anyone make a snowman?  haha that's always a bummer when you're stuck at Georgetown school with less supplies and room and stuff.  we haven't really had any snow. mostly just frost.  Our team-up last night took us to see some Christmas lights last night the few minutes we had before we had to get home. It was sweet!!! Sister Howard said she'll take us around Christmas Eve because she knows a really sweet place to go.
So crazy that everyone will be home. I get to Skype here so I'll get to see faces too. Sweetness!  I'm not sure if I prefer that or a phone call. haha The boots Debbie gave me should be just great. I got some socks that I wear over my tights and that's kept my feet really warm.  Kansas weather is SO odd.  It was like 56 degrees yesterday and it's about the same today then it'll randomly switch to 17 again.  so fun. haha  And Christmas is CHRIST-mas.  it's just a fact :) When you take Christ out of it it's merry mas. and that REALLY doesn't work. just makes everyone sound selfish. haha (hope someone else thought that was funny ;)
At the last zone conference they showed us the Christ video "To this End was I Born"  Sheesh it has hard parts to watch.  I was bawling.  But it shows how incredible the Atonement is. how Perfect Jesus Christ is as well and how He knew what He came here to do. 
Also, I'm sending a package out to the family for Christmas.  So you'll probably be surprised to find what's inside but feel free to guess anyways. haha
Katrina! right now it's colder in Idaho than in  Kansas!    Sounds fun to be able to get out and exercise. I just do this workout thing everyday but apparently it's more than a lot of missionaries. A lot of them just stretch, but I don't want to get fat from all the sweets and dinners we get every day.  Ah!!    I'm trying to work the Sugar out of my system.  We have cookies, brownies, little cheese cake bites, and our investigator Pam gave us a box of Sees candy. MMmmmm  Good luck on finding a job! I'll pray for you! (since that's the only way I can help, but it's pretty effective not gonna lie :)
Greg and Ashley! thanks for the pictures!! Brynnlee is so precious!! I bet it'll be awesome at Christmas time with everyone with their kids and everything.  You could get an almost completely updated family photo!!!! 
Nichole, I think it's every updated family photo we get you're pregnant. haha  that's how being a mom goes though right?  When do you find out what you're having?  And happy early birthday and since you're birthday is extra special I'll Skype you ok? haha
Also, I'm staying here in Emporia which I am soooo grateful for.  We've got a lot to do still :)  Rhonda has been reading the 12 scriptures we gave her and other investigators from the Book of Mormon about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ. So awesome!!!  We read with them if they haven't read and some of them have been surprised that the Book of Mormon isn't quite what they thought it was, it's better. haha  So exciting.  She and Brandon and Tony are just so awesome.  The picture that we all took together they put on their Christmas tree. We feel super special. Did I tell you Tony calls us the Dynamic Duo? baha
We've been talking with a lady named Marsha.  So she is super sweet and can talk about anything.  We love talking with her.  She attended the LDS church for 4 years actively and had callings but was never baptized.  One day she just stopped and she's not sure why but she doesn't want to go back.  She has read the Book of Mormon through once before but she said she'll start it again.  We're hoping she'll let us start actually teaching her some lessons but she's pretty reserved about that.  She  likes visiting, but hopefully if she starts the Book of Mormon we'll have more church stuff to talk about. 
We also have gone to see Kathleen who is a knitting pro and congratulated me on my knitting skills cause I made a head warmer band thing during my lunches and P-day and stuff. haha haven't worn it yet, but it'll keep my ears warm when I need it!  :) Bow and everything, haha  She's been taught everything by missionaries and has seen them for the last 50 years or so.  We talked to her about the plan of salvation, but she said she doesn't even know if she has faith.  Sister Tycz (Pronunciation is: Ice with a T just for you Ashley! haha) and I thought about what we could give her for another of the 12 days of Christmas and thought the Finding Faith in Christ video would be best.  We hope she'll watch it soon :)
Also, more good news! Daniel and Kim decided to go back to church and I think Linda will too now. So happy! thanks to Sister Mortensen for giving me updates. 
Matt and Izak are so hilarious.  We taught them the plan of Salvation and they had some awesome deep questions.  They also said they don't know why they smoke because they don't even like it. haha makes no sense. 
Sister Tycz and I got Christmas sweaters for our zone's Christmas party which was sweet! where we watched that Christ video and were fed a TON. haha We had interviews with our Mission President Bell which was cool.  HE told me to take 20 minutes, pray for ten and listen for the other ten.  I did it that night and got some cool thoughts and answers.  The Spirit always will tell us the truth! and tell us something that's best rather than good, or better. 
I'm so excited for what this week will bring.  I never knew I'd get so excited when someone reads a bit out of the Book of Mormon, even if it's only a verse or chapter.  Being a missionary is so rewarding and I love love love the people here and hope we can find even more this week.  Thanks for your love and letters!  I'll e-mail you next week with some pictures and I hope you'll get my and Sister Tycz's Christmas letter/pictures before Christmas :)  Love you!!!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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