Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hey everybody!  Still swimming :) so yes I had to get a couple things done this week and mail it to the FBI.  I feel so cool. haha I mailed them 2 pages of fingerprints just in case one is too smeary or something.  It was kinda funny because we got to go to the local jail to do it and through the window you could see all the guys in their cool orange jump suits. haha  But yeah. Then I had to mail an $18 money order which I had no idea what it was at first, but thanks to members of our ward, we got one at Wal-Mart.  Just hope I filled it out right because we had to ask the mailman that question. haha  Also funny moment of the week,  Sister Tycz and I had to walk over to the Elder's apartment to pick up the car, which they had borrowed that morning, it was super windy and as we started walking I was like, "Hmm my feet feel different from each other." I looked down and "Bah! sister Tycz! I'm wearing two different shoes!"  Yeah, I couldn't decide which ones to wear and was going to ask Sister Tycz's opinion but forgot. Luckily we hadn't walked too far yet so we ran back to the house to change. haha
Anyways, glad everyone is doing pretty good. Sad about Mary Clark though.  Didn't her husband pass away a while back?  If so the good news would be that they're together forever now :) Blessings of the fulness of the gospel. :) 
 Katrina it sounds like school is ok.  I was never any good at memorizing dates and stuff either.  And we're going to the temple in about 8 days!!! so excited.  Also fun fact, Sister Mortensen got emergency transferred to Lawrence so she's not in Dodge anymore and is in my zone!! so happy to see her again :)  And Kansas weather is honestly just weird.  It's been in the 50's for a couple days and it'll drop back to the 20s and 30s this week.  Does Idaho stay pretty constant though? I can't believe you're already getting used to it.  Fleece lined tights is all I can say.  haha they're a blessing. Also I have heard that tornado weather here doesn't start til March...So I might see a tornado!
Thanks for the gloves and boots and stuff! And also, yeah.  I don't know what my fingerprints will find for them, since, according to everyone here I know, I lived under a rock my entire life. haha  I honestly am loving Kansas though!  And I CANNOT believe that Madison will be 6.  That's just crazy. And when you said that I barely remembered that she has been in Kindergarten these last 5 months too. 
Mom glad to hear you got a day off! You deserve a little rest especially after having to work with hard kids all day :)   did you sleep in at all?  We're so out of the loop as to things that are going on in the world, that we forgot all about Martin Luther King Jr day.  But we invited several of the youth from our ward (who don't have school today either) to join in an epic nerf gun war here at the church in an hour or so.  Last week with our zone we played zombies.  We set up tables as obstacles and turned out the lights, and taped flashlights to our nerf guns and everything.  Someone told us that we're trying too hard because we can't play video games. haha Maybe.
Dad that is so funny that that investigator hid her cigarettes in the freezer.  Good thing you were in tune enough to find them!  I can't believe they tried it anyways though. haha And you were the missionary dad!  I'm just one of your gospel topic resources. haha Go to bed! (in deep dad voice.) I told Sister Tycz about you saying that to Katelyn that one Christmas and she about died laughing.
We just found a new family! Well, re-found.haha  Sister Tycz and Sister Huff talked to them during the summer when they had a yard sale, and we decided to go visit them again and they let us in and were so awesome!!! Their names are Mike and Marcie and they have a couple kids as well.  They also know the Jensens! so cool.  Marcie said she would come with the kids to church next Sunday.  they were asking all sorts of questions and we taught them the whole  plan of salvations and parts of Lessons 1 and 2. maybe got a little too excited.  Sometimes we don't know when to stop. haha  
Debbie came to church this Sunday again!!! She is super ready to be baptized, in our opinion. haha . it's just the truth because she knows the Book of Mormon is true and reads it pretty much every day and is so proud of how far she has gotten in it.  She had cut down and is half-way to living the word of wisdom.  She is the absolute sweetest most giving and loving person ever.  She invited us and the Elders over for a delicious lunch after church even.  She's got some skills when it comes to cooking.  That is for sure. 
Tony and Rhonda said they want to take us out to eat before Sister Tycz gets transferred too. We don't know for sure, but she says she probably will be since she's been here in Emporia for 5 months and it's her first area.  Sad!  We've really been working together to get along better and not be nit-picky about little stupid differences between us.  And we've been having more fun and are more relaxed with each other, and it is AWESOME!  Of course we start to figure it out 2 weeks before she leaves. haha She seriously is so awesome.  
Also, Izak Butter, who we thought had moved away, didn't!  So we got to go see him and his cousin even came out and talked with us too!  They're really easy to talk to and said it was weird that we were so normal. haha  I really hope Izak gets the chance to open up the book of mormon this week.  He and Tyler are coming to basketball at the church this Tuesday though.  We want to give them a tour while they're here so they can see the whole of it and hopefully feel the spirit here too. 
Well, I know you already know, but I'm going to say it anyways.  I KNOW this gospel is true. I was reflecting this past week on how my tree of faith is.  it's not as big as it could be but that's also a lifetime process.  I feel my testimony grow and strengthen as I share it with those we meet.  I was reading about the 3 Nephites this last week and how they asked the Lord if they could remain on the earth to continue to serve their missions until He comes again.  I'm working toward that mentality.  That it's not long enough to spend just a few months of my time out here on a mission.  I pray the Lord will help me to remember the many things and feelings I get out here so missionary work will continue even when I no longer wear the name badge. I'm honored to wear it and be a part of this great work.  I want the world to know that Jesus is the Christ.  That the fulness was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith so that we could have it today because we NEED it today.  I thank my Heavenly Father for the strength He lends me to work by His Spirit and the reminders He gives me that keep me on the straight and narrow.  Many of those reminders come from the example and words of my inspired companion.  I know it is often time through other people that the Lord meets our needs.  I love Him and am working to love Him more and all of His children. 
I love you all and pray for your health and strength and happiness!!
-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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