Sunday, January 5, 2014

Also, forgot to say that we got to go to Holiday Resort (a rest home) last Tuesday (the place we usually paint nails at) and help Santa give out presents :)  So fun!  The little ladies there would get all excited and kiss him on the cheek and stuff.  We're going there again tomorrow to help out and I'm so happy!!!!!  Nothing like bringing smiles to those people's faces :)  
The one of me in the Christmas sweater I'm with Sister McQuay who used to be Sister Mortensen's Trainer so she's my grandma. haha  She also used to be in my single's ward In Alta in Utah.

which one does it look like? (hopefully Salt Lake incase you had no idea) haha  Elder bird isn't in the picture because he refused to help us with it. haha but he made a cool Moroni

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