Sunday, January 5, 2014

It was soooo good to see you on Skype! had no idea that I missed you all that much. haha but life is good out here. We keep busy and what a rewarding week it has been!!! 

Sister Tycz used the phone I was on and finally got to finish her conversation with her family.  apparently she didn't know you could see her either when I handed her the phone to fix it when I did something weird. haha

Kids are definitely good examples when it comes to loving and finding joy in the simplest things.  They are so moldable, and pure.  That's why sister Tycz and I think that Joseph Smith was so young when he had the 1st vision )

Sounds like Christmas Eve was pretty active!! so fun, feel free to send pictures if you have any :)  That is so awesome that Laurel lead the program too :)  Also, when is Tyler and Jessica's wedding date?   Are they being sealed in the Sacramento temple or an other one? That's so scary about Brother Bingham!  I wonder what was going on?!  Good thing you have spidey reflexes mom! haha  Sorry for giving you a fright with a break in dream. They seem so real! but good thing you had Dad to protect you, I had Sister offense to her but we both were kinda freaking out which didn't help either of us. hahaha

Chiropractors are definitely therapists too I would say.  haha and Dad you're a good listener so it works!!!  I've been adjusting Sister Tycz, just the simple back pop stuff where she lays on her stomach. She's easier to pop than you were dad. remember that time my feet came off the ground because I didn't have enough strength to push down anymore? bahah Yeah, hope I'm a little stronger by now. haha

The rest of Christmas was awesome. We went over to our investigator Tony and Rhonda's and got to see their family there too.  They're all super familiar with who we are now. haha  But it was really fun, one of their little boys was having Sister Tycz and I draw stuff and fold paper for him. so cute.   That night we just went home and had dinner with the Jensens, the Neers (who is Sister Jensen's daughter's family) and the Davis'.  We all played Taboo for a bit which was pretty fun.  I also don't think I thanked you enough for the gifts you gave me!! Thanks for the little manger scene too Katrina!!!  I love it all and it will get much use :D

The day after Christmas, sister Jensen gave us a bit of a scare and ended up in the Hospital.  she's back home again but still not 100%  I hope she'll rely on us if she needs any help at all, she already does so much for us. 

We had another Christmas dinner on Saturday with Janet Hambleton and her husband, and her daughter and her daughter's family who is "church shopping"  They're an awesome family and were surprised that we were normal people and liked a lot of modern things.  Nope we're not nuns!!  That was good to hear.  But they really want to come to church because she wants someplace good for her kids too.  I know she'll find it in the LDS church!!!  and more too, because it'll bring her family closer than any other church because her family can be sealed for eternity and strengthened by that.  Can't wait to talk to them later this week since we have the car :)

ALSO!!  Last night was the bestest lesson ever!!! Sister Tycz and I had had a kind of a bad start and weren't in the best of moods.  After church we went to the Reeves for a yummy lunch and they make us eat more than we should. haha they'd say, oh you have to have some of this, and this, and this.  Man I was so full! 

We went home and did companionship study debating whether or not to go to Debbie's house because she smoked which would make Sister Tycz feel worse than she already did.  We had seen her Saturday and committed her to read 2 Nephi 29 and said we'd come bySunday, so we decided to go anyways.  And boy am I glad we did!!! I really think that Satan was working hard on us that day.  When we got to Debbie's, she said, "I have a lot of questions,  I read 2 Nephi 29, then 30, and 31 and Jacob 1" "Why do you think kept you reading?" "Well it was interesting"  I know it was the spirit :)  She read 4 chapters!! and 31 is all about following the example of Jesus Christ by repenting and being baptized! What are the odds of her reading that on her own? We answered her questions while praying in our hearts the whole time to know what to say.  Doing it right really takes a lot of effort and focus. We also talked with her about Joseph Smith and the Restoration again.  She thought of Joseph Smith as just a man, not a prophet. As we talked more, we showed her how his young age was key, and that he didn't actually become a prophet until he had grown up more and was ready.  We then asked her to be baptized and she said yes!!!!  She's a little hesitant about the 25th of January but said it was ok.  She also said, "don't I need to go to church first?"  Well yes! She's coming this Sunday :D OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!  we could barely contain our excitement when we ended with a prayer and walked outside to walk back home.  We were thanking Heavenly Father the whole way.  That was happiness.

I KNOW the Book of Mormon is essential to conversion.  Those who are investigating the church with have no roots without it.  It is a powerful book that we can read, and read again, and always apply to our lives at the very moment we read it.  What other book can do that besides the Bible??  I know this Gospel is true and will  and does bless everyone's life who seeks to follow it's teachings which are the teachings of Christ.  It is the fullness.  I've never been happier in my life.  I have the Lord at my side, the Holy Ghost as my guide, and the prayers of my strong family as my support, and wonderful people that I've met in Dodge and here in Emporia.  I LOVE IT!!

Let me know how New Years goes and how the new school year starts, and all those good details :)  Love you all!!

--love always and forever 
Sister Harston

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