Monday, January 6, 2014

So fun fact, these past couple days the people here who love us keep warning us about the freezing weather cause this is our week to walk.  Sister Jensen came up to us this morning and said there's a severe weather warning that the high today is 0 degrees with -15 or something as the wind chill.  She told us not to go out walking or anything for more than 6 min because we'll get frostbite on any exposed skin.  What?!  Crazy stuff!!! I've never experienced it down that low before.  it's supposed to drop even more once the sun goes down of course.  I've never worn this many layers of fleece lined tights before.  haha missions are full of new experiences. 

Nichole!!  That is so cool that you could talk with that guy on the plane!  Seriously just bringing up little reminders works on people more than you can see.  We've been taught that you don't ask people if they've heard of the church but who they know who's a member so they have a good face in their mind, and he sounds like he knows several which is SWEET!  That experience with your roommate's brother is really cool too.  There is nothing more exciting than seeing the spirit working on someone and changing their heart and guiding their thoughts.  I love when they have questions because then their really taking in what they're hearing.  Sometimes it makes me nervous when they say, nope, no questions. then they're quiet. haha

Katrina!! Sounds like you have a good bunch of girls to get to know and have fun with.  That'll be quite the party.  What about the guys?  haha have you been to your singles ward yet?  Kinda a bummer about sleeping through new years. but I feel ya.  We went to bed at 10:30like we're supposed to and got up at 6:30 like usual.  We both almost forgot that 2014 had started haha  You got lots of Christmas food too!! so yummy, but all our leftovers are definitely gone now. sad. haha but the members feed us some really yummy stuff, minus ham and beans. I don't know if I like that stuff yet.  no flavor.  haha  Yeah, we had a sleepover on the couch.  We just wanted to switch things up and make it a party. haha Sister Tycz bought me some footy pajamas too, but I'm a little too tall for them so we're on the hunt for a bigger size every pday.  haha  Can't wait to hear how school is and everything!!! (PS I don't mind if you tell me who your crushes are either. haha)

So this week, we went to the Holiday Resort as usual to paint nails of the ladies there, and some of them are so ornery. haha  One of the ladies was walking around with a bucket of bath stuff sitting on the top of her walker that she had apparently stolen from someone's bathroom.  One of the nurses took it back and the old lady cussed at her!  Oh my. haha  took me by surprise. 

Anyways, we've been talking with Janet Hambleton (a less active member) each week and this last time we taught her and her husband (who isn't a member) the Plan of Salvation.  He was actually interested!!  He told Janet to invite us over for dinner because they enjoyed our company and he wanted to hear a little more!  He's pretty soft spoken but we love being over there.  They are the most loving people ever and so easy to talk to.  Her daughter's family the Hernandez, also texted us so we have their number!!1 They are super awesome too and I really hope we can see them soon.

It snowed 3 inches this Sunday and we were a little afraid they would cancel church because Debbie was excited to go and we had a ride for her and everything.  She almost backed out because her friend Rose had slept in her bed that night and she couldn't go in to get her clothes.  sister Tycz was like "We have an outfit for you, and we'll bring it right over!"  So we booked it got ready, grabbed an outfit that was warm and cute, and headed out.  The snow was so dry that we cleared her walkway by me swiping the snow away with my feet and sister tycz using a broom cause we didn't have a shovel.  quite the sight, I'll tell ya. haha Sister East and Erin East (who were the ones giving us and Debbie a ride) were laughing saying I looked like a skater or something. baha  But we got it cleared so Debbie wouldn't fall getting in the car. She came to church for the full 3 hours plus choir practice and said she really enjoyed it and wants to come next Sunday!!!! We're so excited for her.  She's so spunky and funny and many people welcomed her.  It was so awesome and the testimonies bourn were perfect and the lessons were good and the Spirit was totally there.  Ah. Totally worth every effort.  We're still going to work with her to quit smoking and drinking coffee and tea, and we have a game plan now to use cinnamon mints and grapefruit juice. haha but seriously. We have to try and help her friend Rose quit smoking too or it'll be impossible for Debbie with rose around all the time.

I'm also learning quite a bit more about parenting than I thought I would out here on my mission.  You see some great examples, and some really not good examples.  Like I don't think you should force your kids to sit down and watch tv. Just saying. haha anyways One of our lessons the people were asking some difficult questions like "Why did our baby die in the womb? Isn't that unfair? She didn't even get a chance at life."  We did what we could to explain about the Millennium, the Atonement, and how that little baby is in God's tender loving care.  The spirit was super strong and I know they felt it, but whether or not they let him penetrate and speak to their hearts and minds was totally up to them. but I sure hope so. They also asked us about sealings and how a woman can only be sealed to one man.  If she gets divorced to her first husband who she was sealed to and had kids with, can she break that sealing but still be sealed to those kids?  She wants to be sealed to the husband she has now and has had kids with so she can also be sealed to her kids.  Bit confusing situation, but I was wondering if you understand it better than I do and could explain that to me??  I trust the Atonement and God will make everything right, but I had no idea what to say to that one.

Also, quick question, I've been told to get the flu shot because apparently it's pretty bad this year or something so I might have to? I don't know.  You get different facts about how important it is from different people. 

But I know that the Atonement is very real and did happen for all of us.  It heals us.  It strengthens us.  I love learning about it and I try to remember to use that precious precious gift everyday.  I thank my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for it!!!  There's no way I could accomplish anything in this life and feel truly happy without it.

 Oh and I might need you to send me my winter stuff like by snow boots, jacket, and wool socks.. sorry!  I'm just realizing how cold it really actually gets here and Brazil weather doesn't seem to be coming any time soon.I love you all dearly and hope you have a wonderful week!  Enjoy the wonderful weather of California!

-- love always and forever
Sister Harston

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