Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ola minha familia!!! Ja pasou sies meses!!  Hi my family!  6 months have already passed! I started tearing up a bit on Sunday when I realized I have less than a year left.  Not enough time!!! 
Also, just called the FBI today (that sounds official. ha) and they're done processing my fingerprints and they should be to our home address in California on Wednesday. Whoohoo!  So yeah, hope you still have the address for them.
Hope everything's great there at home and wherever you people are. haha  Thanks for the story Dad!!! I had forgotten about that one.  I bet it really had an effect on the kid who did the push-ups.  Probably woke him up a bit to what is most important.  It also is cool that he didn't quit.  It really applies because we need to invite everyone to learn abou the restored gospel of Jesus Christ because it is a gift for them even if they don't want it. 
Katrina, your team won one?! woot woot!!  Humility's a tricky one, don't know if you've already tried this, but In chapter 6 of Preach My gospel, there's a whole section on Humility with scriptures and everything :) Thanks for the picture, that's a super cute outfit too! You're all so gorgeous, it's ridiculous :) for real though, 40's is warm. haha And thanks for your address!  Something might pop up in your mailbox either this week or next hopefully :)
Debbie is now on date for the 15th of MARCH!!!! and because of surgery to unclog the clots in her arm, and getting a port in her chest, and getting another surgery to reconstruct the part of her arm so they can continue to use it for dialysis, she's been wiped out and unable to come to church for the last 3 sundays :/ But her positive attitude shines, and she won't let anything get her down.  She loves when we share scriptures with her and is too sweet to us.  She said she'll be done smoking after her last 2 packs :)  We're shooting for sooner. haha Sister Heger also made her a mural of pictures of Christ that she can put up on her wall, and it looks awesome!!! Debbie also already has her whole baptism planned out too, she's pretty excited :D
We took Evelyn Good with us to talk to Janet and James Hambleton on Wednesday and we went over the Restoration with them.  The Spirit felt so sweet and Janet even bore her testimony :)  It's always exciting to share about the beginning of it all :) We committed them both to pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true.  After doing so, we always hope and pray that they do so in faith.  Janet came to church on Sunday again despite being sick because she didn't want to miss Sister Heger's talk.  So sweet!!! James wasn't able to come because he was sick, but we're hoping that he recognized the spirit and will allow us to teach him more. 
We saw Pam again!!  I know I keep saying sweet and awesome but I can't find any other adjectives. haha We read over the introduction to the Book of Mormon with her because she didn't understand how the whole Book of Mormon worked.  That seems to be the question of the week that we had with Marsha, Kathleen, and Pam.  Good thing the introduction words it so perfectly!!!  No scrambling for words. haha But yes, we're hoping Pam will accept a baptismal date this week :)  I know she's felt the spirit!!! 
Sister Walecki, a lady in our ward, wants us to teach her 8 year old daughter the lessons to prepare her for baptism, but also she felt it would be good for her family to review and for her husband to hear, who is inactive, but a friendly guy.  It's been fun and we have a couple fun ideas to use to teach about the Restoration tonight to keep Morgan's attention because she is an active, fun girl :)
And we may have found a new investigator, who's not a guy!!!  Her name is Marqueda and she's a student at the college, but she said we could come by and talk with her so we'll see! 
This Wednesday we have a Sisters Conference for the sisters in our zone, which I'm excited for cause I've never had one! apparently I was still in the MTC when the last one happened.  They're going to give us a spiritual boost and teach us the hula too I think they said. haha
Well I love you all very much! Til next time. :D
-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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