Friday, February 7, 2014

So sorry, apparently it's my e-mail that doesn't receive incoming mail when the inbox is jam packed with e-mails from the last 6 months. haha So I deleted a bunch and hope that solves the problem :) That is so crazy that there's a huge drought going on!!!  I'll add some rain prayers of my own :)  We just get ice here, never normal rain.  It's pretty fun to slide around though not gonna lie. haha  So, since transfers are this Wednesday, we officially found out that Sister Tycz is getting transferred to Wichita.  Sad! I'll miss her sooo much but she said we'll definitely keep in contact and I'll give her all the details about the people in Emporia.  My new companion's name is Sister Heger and apparently she was in Sister Tycz's MTC district so she has been telling me a little bit about her and I'm excited.  I think she'll help me quit eating so much sugar. haha No more sinus infections! that's the goal :)  Sister Tycz was super nervous to find out where she was headed but she feels tons better now, because there are several missionaries in her district that she knows and loves so it won't be totally new people.  That was good to see her relief :)

Thanks for sending your e-mail in a letter :)  Adam sent me one too!!!!!  First one yet on the mission!  Liam and Ethan had their hands traced and drew fun circle/scibbles.  So cute. But ADAM! I need to hear how you're doing too!!!!! but I CAN't believe that Ethan is already starting to walk.  That blows my mind.  It's so cool that they're close enough that you can pop over whenever there's a school break :) 

How was your trip to the temple though??  That's super funny and awesome that Sister Perry would do that to make that lady feel welcome :)  It just shows she loves her no matter what.  Also, I'm super sad about Grandma Davenport!  I really really hope she gets better soon.  She'll definitely be in my prayers as well as Grandpa.  Sheesh!  Scary.  Maybe the sleep will really allow her to heal.  I can't believe the teacher situation at Otter Creek is up in the air again.  You just can't catch a break yet! where are you applying at? or thinking would be the best place to be? 

I'm glad for the examples that you all are to me. I can feel the Spirit when I read your testimonies as well and I'm am so blessed to call you, MOM and DAD, my parents.  You have amazing strength that I can see starting in each of us kids and it's ALL thanks to you :D Fun fact, Sister Tycz and I also shared our testimonies on Sunday :)  I haven't done that from the pulpit since my farewell talk, but I didn't really feel the need to since I do everyday as we talk to people. But it felt really good :)  Also, Dad I don't think we've had to bundle up quite that much, but pretty close.  When it gets that cold, Sister Jensen always offers to take us to appointments.  She is so sweet!!! and we don't deserve it. hahah while sister Tycz wasn't feeling well, she made us dinner and also Wendy's smoothies which were delicious :) 
Also, Nichole I don't know if I can wait a whole week to find out, so you could mail me a letter! haha if you have time, I guess the news will probably be the same whether I get it today or next week, but yeah.  It's going to be killing me this week. haha  I hope those boys can shape up!! We need strong young men to serve!!! They can get to people we as sisters can't and are soo important for the work to continue!!! We need everyone we can get! :D

so this week has been very interesting.  As for Brazil?  I have no clue, won't get the FBI fingerprints processed for another 4 more weeks at least, so then it goes to you, then to Salt Lake, then to Brazil, so who knows.  Tuesday we got to go to the Kansas City temple in Missouri!!! The Assistants to the President picked us up and took us to Topeka, then the whole zone took a charter bus the rest of the way.  It's so pretty and man it felt so good to go inside.  Just a nice hush.  Everything was so beautiful and I could sincerely invite the members we saw after that to attend as soon as possible! Because the temple is truly an amazing place.  When Sister Tycz and I were talking in the temple, we looked at each other and said, "you know what would be the best? if our investigators could all come here too"  My goodness, on that day, I hope I'm there and I seriously would start bawling because I would be so happy. 

Then things took a little turn. Sister Tycz started to feel pains in her lower abdomen which started at the temple but eased.  Tuesday night when we got back to Emporia, we all got Pizza Ranch pizza and then went and played basketball at the church because our new investigator Adam Rameirez was there.  Sister Tycz's stomach started hurting really bad and she threw up later when we got home.  The next day the pain had not stopped and we had to stay home and take her to doctor's appointments, make tons of phone calls to people in our area who were all worried about her, talk to the mission nurse, and whew! We didn't actually get back to seeing/teaching people tilSaturday.  Turns out the doctor believes she has a cist on her ovaries but they can't get her an ultrasound til Wednesday or Thursday.  so yeah.  I felt so bad because the pain is just constant, and it's still there, but she's being tough and dealing with it.  And after all that, I wish I knew what you do about anatomy!  because Sister Tycz would ask me all these questions and I had absolutely no clue. haha

We didnt' have to walk this week so no more flying skirts. haha but this week is our walking week :)  Since my new companion likes to stay fit (as I've heard) won't be a problem!!! :) I'm excited to take her to meet everyone :) 

I certainly shouldn't have anything to complain about, especially after hearing about a lot of my friends missions like Sister Sturtevant, and what Sister Mishler has been through and stuff.  I love it here in Emporia, that is FOR SURE!!!

Since sister tycz is leaving, Pam Brunner came to church for the first time ever!!!! She stayed all through sacrament and sunday school.  In my testimony I mentioned about how we're here to serve everyone and we're there because we love you and will wash your dishes if you need it, and give you a spiritual boost.  Pam said, you mean I could've have had you washing my dishes the whole time??" bahaha  She was tearing up though. I just hope she recognized that as the spirit :)  Debbie came again and Rose came with her!!! we were shocked (because we had invited her many times before) and so pleased to see her there.  She really really enjoyed it and said she wished she had come sooner.  haha love her.  Also, Debbie picked her own baptismal date for the 22nd of February!!!  We're shooting for that day and will continue to help her do what she knows she need s to do to prepare.  So exciting :)

We get to go out to dinner with Tony and Rhonda tomorrow before Sister Tycz leaves which I'm super duper excited for :)  I really hope they like the new sister :)

Also, since I had a lot of personal study time this week :) I've been learning tons from reading in Jesus the Christ. Whew that book is deep. I also keep finding new favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, so since I just read in Moroni, It's chapter 7-10. haha I just finished it for the first time on my mission!! and I get to start it again!  I honestly love finishing it and praying and feeling that sweet Spirit fill my heart and soul and confirm it's true and extremely important.  So Moroni 9: 25-26 says, "(9)may Christ lift thee up, and may his sufferings and death, and the showing his body unto our fathers, and his mercy and long-suffering, and the hope of his glory and of eternal life, rest in your mind forever. (10) And may the grace of God the Father, whose throne is high in the heavens, and our Lord Jesus Christ, who sitteth on the right hand of his power, until all things shall become subject unto him, be, and abide with you forever"  That is my prayer for all of you!!!  Allow Him to lift you by doing as He has commanded. You will feel greater joy and peace and comfort and who doesn't want to feel that?

Novel like always, don't know how to shorten it. haha Well I love you all and pray for you!!!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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