Sunday, March 9, 2014

HELLOOOO!!!!  Thanks for the greatest pictures on the planet!!  Whew, I almost didn't recognize Ethan, he's huge! haha  and did you get the FBI fingerprint stuff? 

That is the best aha moment mom!!!!!!  The Sacrament really is all encompassing :)  We need it every Sunday. We've been learning about how many other churches do their communion only once a month.  I would die. haha I make enough mistakes in a week let alone a whole month. I'll for sure tell Janet of your proudness :)  She would have come this past Sunday but it was cancelled due to snow and ice :/ bummer!  But next Sunday will be GREAT :)  Thanks for the addresses!! Got to keep in touch with my favorite people, my FAMILY!!  Those morsels and invitations really do make a difference though! Also church activities are the greatest invite because there's no pressure.  This Friday we have a ward variety show that we're inviting tons of people to and telling our members to invite all of Emporia too. haha Also, sounds like Sister Frey called you. haha She's who we call the mission mom and she requested us to give her our mother's phone numbers, "because mom's get worried when their kids are away from home" She is the sweetest.  She also just had surgery a couple weeks ago and got kidney stones or something taken out, and she only thinks of others anyways :) Talk about selfless!

Back surgery for grandma Harston? sounds a little scary and intimidating.  I will pray for all to go well!!!!!!!!!  Because I love you very much Grandma and want you as happy and healthy and pain free as possible :D 

We are looking to hand out few books of Mormon this week too!!!  We were really trying to find more investigators this past week and we may have found 2. This week will tell :)  We saw many members to help motivate them to pray with faith and help them know how to do it.  There is a talk by Elder Bednar that is called "Learning by Faith" and it  is fantastic.  He talks all about how we need to teach by the spirit but also allow others to learn by asking them inspired questions and letting them actively participate in the learning process.  We are working on applying that to our teaching as well. 

Pam has been having some crazy weird sickness going on and then started having weird side effects to the medicine the doctors put her on.  Sheesh!  She let us stop by anyways because she said she'd just be sitting by herself otherwise.  I really hope she gets better soon though.  Not fun.  She made a cool realization though that as missionaries, we're not out to get people and to make them a part of our church, but we're simply spreading the truth! and allowing people to accept or reject it.  So that was cool :)  It was also a reminder that I need to study "How to Begin Teaching" in Preach My Gospel again. haha

Debbie is still on date for the 15th but it's tentative because she's still smoking.  She is just under a lot of stress and that's how she copes!  It's hard to find another outlet when you've relied on that source for so long.  She knows everything is true, but something about her situation needs to change so she can accomplish the goals she has set for herself.  She had us over for lunch the other day and boy her cooking is good :) She committed to live the law of tithing and the law of the fast!  She's just made so much progress from the first time we met her til now.  She's such a sweet lady!

Oh, funny-ish story, as we were tracting on Saturday, we knocked on a door and a lady let us in.  Her dad who was home too is the pastor for the Apostolic Tabernacle church which was interesting. haha  He let us come in and listen to him for a while and telling us straight out that our church is wrong.  He kept saying, "now one of us is wrong, and I believe it's you."  He wasn't angry about it, but pretty straight forward.  They believe that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are one being and he recited some scriptures to us, and we even asked about the scripture that relates God speaking when Christ was baptized, but he had his own explanation for it that I guess makes sense to him.  But all of John 17 explains the distinct and divine roles of the Godhead, it's right there!!!  I felt oddly calm the whole time, and a bit sad that he was missing such plain and precious truths.  Sister Heger had had enough of hearing him bash and testified of the role of the Book of Mormon and was AWESOME!!!  I get a little nervous when situations become a bit contentious, but she handled it well.  So grateful for Sister Heger!  Hadn't really felt the Spirit until that point, so that's a witness in and of itself that saying the words I testify and bearing testimony are key!

We met with this guy Adam Rameriez this week.  He's met with Elders a couple years ago, but apparently never progressed.  We tried to see if the Elders could meet with him, because we're not supposed to unless the situation requires it, but he honestly doesn't want to talk to them because he said they don't mesh with each other. So, we took the opportunity to see where he's at.  He has some interesting view points and we were very honest with him and a bit blunt.  He doesn't seem willing to change at all though.  He likes his lifestyle and knows drinking is wrong, "but I only do it like 4 times a year, so is that bad?" haha funny thing is he wants to meet with us again, but he's also not willing to study and read in the Book of Mormon.  He's a 22 year old goof!  He has some potential, but he also has to not be so wishy-washy.

Well, I love love love you all!!!!   I'm grateful for the opportunity that Fast Sunday gives us to show our faith and strengthen it and bring our focus to where it needs to be, that is, in our Savior and Redeemer!!!  I love Him and thank my Heavenly Father for that great and marvelous gift of the Atonement.  Interesting fact, the New Testament only says the word Atonement once.  And the Book of Mormon refers to atone or atonement many more times than that.  It is a witness of Him!!!!  I know it :)

Thanks for your prayers and love and support!!!!
(PS as you can tell, we're having fun :) haha and It was warm one day!)

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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