Monday, July 14, 2014


I'm so happy my parents will be able to see each other again soon!!!  It's good to have such wonderful examples in my life!!!  The contrast of families centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ and not, is so huge.  We NEED it!

I hope the kiddos in Texas get better soon. And Nichole, now you can send me a picture of you with the baby!! haha I'm so excited to see the evidence of the adventures going on there :)  So Ryden's favorite superhero is Batman? I'm sure he'll teach his little brother well. haha I'm not sure what I need for my Birthday though....maybe a shade shirt or pens or $5 dress or a sugar free diet plan (members are feeding us desserts at every dinner, I'm in trouble! haha) or something missionary-ish or that I could give to someone to brighten their day.... haha sorry I'm not much help!!

Dad, what happened at Girls Camp?! What's this I hear about a black eye?!  Did you have a fight with a Grizzly Bear?! haha I'm excited to hear your stories from the week.  Girls camp was always such a great week of spiritual growth.  Sounds like Katie Gardner has a tough area. Whew! How can you not love the part of the vineyard you're assigned to when the Lord is on your side, and there are so many wonderful people to meet, and such good news to spread?!  Glad you'll get to be there for Bridger's baby blessing!

Grandma, I'm so grateful for the talents God has given me to share.  There no good when kept to ourselves.  Thank you for your prayers!  You have so much faith that I know they are making a big difference :)  Change is hard, but I'm sure your love is helping Jocelyn's heart to soften so she can better feel the Spirit. :) 

It's been raining on and off this week, but one day we parked our car and decided to go out and tract up the street.  It was only sprinkling but as we kept walking it got a little heavier.  Pretty soon it started POURING down.  We had stopped to talk to an older man named David who let us stand and talk with him under a little gazebo that was covering his car.  The water got up to 4 inches or so by the curb and was a little too wide to jump across.   Sister Gunderson's brilliant idea...take off our shoes and wade back to our car so we could keep our shoes mostly dry. So we did, haha fortunately our car was only a 100 feet away or so.  so here's a picture of it if you can tell. hahahaha GOOD STUFF!

Some amazing miracles and fun experiences this week, Pam Brunner from Emporia e-mailed me and talked about how she learned much and Sister Tycz and I helped her to open the door.  She doesn't fully realize that's the Spirit working, but it made me feel good :) We got to serve a part member family, Griz and Lynda Racobs by doing some yard work.  Felt good to dig stuff up! :)  Also we found a couple who are boyfriend and girlfriend named Derick and Kim.  They were sitting outside so OF COURSE we walked over to talk with them.  Turns out they have been looking for a church to go to.  When we started explaining about the Book of Mormon, Derick said, "I think we have one of those."  Apparently the Elders gave one to their 11 year old son not to long ago. Coincidence? I think NOT!   The second time we met with them, Kim wasn't home and Derick said they were moving so we got their new address.  The next day we went to it and it definitely wasn't Derick that opened the door.  Accidentally tracting! haha  we introduced ourselves and found out the man's name is Brad.  We pulled out the Book of Mormon as we were talking with him and he said, "I don't mean to be nosy, but you're going to give me that Book right?" Yes! we just want to share a few things with you that are in it first.  He mentioned a couple other times too that he really wanted the book.  so awesome.  He told us that 10 years ago he saw a commercial about the Book of Mormon and wanted to read it so he wrote down the number to call.  Through different moves to different houses, he lost it.  10 years later, the Sister missionaries show up to make the delivery!  IS THAT DIVINE OR WHAT?!  He says he knows that the Bible is incomplete and that there's more out there. what a miracle.  The Elders are excited to start teaching him this week :D

Another cool story, we talked to a 17 year old girl named Taliyah 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to get a hold of her since.  We stopped by the other day and her dad (Tony) was outside.  We asked if it was ok for us to meet with and teach Taliyah and he said that was just fine.  We continued talking and OF COURSE testifying of the Restoration.  He believes in the ministering of angels and that Joseph Smith's experience could have happened.  We have a return appointment for Tuesday.  We get to teach a family!!!  I've been noticing how the Lord is not just working on one person at a time, but that each person leads us to someone else who leads us to someone else.  It's a network that no one but He can see.  We got to have faith :)

I'm so grateful for the things I have been learning, re-learning, and ingraining more deeply into my heart regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer.  I know He and our Heavenly Father love us each individually, and dearly.  We are so precious to Them.  We may not completely understand the why  behind everything that happens, but we can hold to the truths we already know and understand about the Godhead.  They can see the whole picture.  They can see where the pieces will fit together.  They know what we need, better than we do.  They will not let us fail if we are willing to do all we can to follow the path that They laid.  Every hardship or joy you go through, Christ has already been there. He understands perfectly.  He strengthens us and supports us every step of the way, but He lets us do the walking. 

-- Love always and forever!
Sister Harston

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