Monday, July 14, 2014

Miracles across the US!

So sounds like miracles are happening in Texas, California, Kansas, and other places :)  The Lord is working hard! haha :) 

Mom, teaching children early is definitely so important.  I can see the difference by seeing our family and some of the people we talk with out here.  We need to teach them to gain and establish their own testimonies and faith in Jesus Christ and His Restored gospel so they are prepared when life's challenges hit. Also glad to hear I'm not a criminal still. haha 

Dad, sounds like another really good and really crazy week.  Who knew owning your own business would provide so many opportunities to share the gospel!  Did you know that when you started it?! That is seriously so amazing that that lady asked to go to church.  The spirit is definitely working.  There's something more here for everyone!  More happiness, more peace, more faith, more forgiveness, more strength, and we can learn what more to do to become like Jesus Christ and be with Him and our Heavenly Father for eternity with our families.  And you got to give a Book of Mormon too?!  I really hope that man reads it so he can experience at least some relief.  We pray every day for those people to whom we give the Book of Mormon, to just read something and pray about it and be able to recognize what the spirit is telling them.

Katrina, that's the best gift ever for a birthday!  Glad the card got to you ok :)  And Spencer is holding a really big snail.  Glad we don't have those crawling around. haha But did I ever mention we have fireflies in abundance?!  THEY'RE SO COOL!!  What else did you do for your Birthday?

Greg and Ashley, Brynlee is crawling? that'll keep you busy :D  So happy for you!  Greg, no injuries as of late right?! haha

Adam,  I am SO GLAD that you passed!  I knew you would WITH FULL CONFIDENCE! because I knew you were doing all you could and the Lord makes up the difference and answers prayers :) Did you and Katelyn have a little party with the kids to celebrate?! 

Nichole and Justin, what a relief to hear that everything turned out ok.  Glad baby Bridger is good and you are too Nichole!  Man, all those kids are getting big.  That's not allowed! Isn't everything put on hold when you leave for  a mission?! hahaha JUST KIDDING!!!!  That is incredibly amazing timing for Mom's arrival and the baby delivery. Blessings! 

So in Kansas, we've been working!  Sister Hartung e-mailed me and said that Butch and Melanie are on date for baptism, that Devin (Sherrei's son) has actually been listening to us teach the whole time and wants to be baptized eventually, Walker (DJ's brother) is now ready to listen to the missionaries, and Libby (Devin's girlfriend) is totally interested and will be going to young women's this week, and DJ's older brother who lives somewhere has now read the book of mormon 4 times since he heard about it from DJ.  WHAT?!!!  Really hope I can go to those baptisms!  
As for here in College Hill, we had a pretty good week.  We've been talking with EVERYONE!  We met a lady  (by knocking on her door of course) who had a neighbor who was a member of the church.  That neighbor would come over every once in a while and they would sit and talk about their beliefs.  So cool!  She's open to us coming again and further explaining about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation :)  The elders also gave us a referral, a young mom named Jamesia who has the cutest 5 month old daughter, named Mia.  We met her, found her a ride to church, and she came! and ENJOYED IT!!  She said it was a lot to take in, and well, that makes sense because we are sooooo different.  It's true.  Didn't fully realize that until I left on a mission.  We also talked to Ray, who is having difficulty seeing why we need a prophet, but we explained and he seems more ok with it now.  We'll go back of course and we hope to have a sit down lesson with him and his wife this week.  Praying for it!! Also, an investigator I hadn't met yet, came to church with her grandpa.  Zeina is her name and her grandpa is from somewhere else.....I can't remember where at the moment, but he needs people to speak English slowly because it's his second language.  We'd never met him before, he just came because he was interested and wanted to see what Zeina was learning about.  So cool!!!  The Elders in our ward also found 2 guys from Zambia who moved to the US 10 days ago, came to church on Sunday, and want to be baptized.  WHEW!!!  Miracles!!!  Can't wait to tell you all the ones that will happen this week.

I know the Lord is hastening His work and I am humbled to be a part of it.  It truly is a marvelous sight to see :)  I just want to encourage all of you to not feel content with where you're at, because then we are being deceived.  The Lord wants us to set goals, to make plans, to work to be better, to improve and use up the Atonement. That's what it's there for, that's the whole reason Christ came to earth.  I know the Spirit is a comforter, a chastener, a guide, a teacher, and so much more.  I know the Savior LIVES!

Well I love you all and pray for you individually and daily!!!!

Sister Gunderson's expression after catching a firefly...PRICELESS

​Twinners!!  Sister Miller (a Sister Training Leader) and I showed up for e-mails this morning accidentally matching.  Sister Gunderson was also accidentally matching Sister Runia (sister Miller's companion)  District Unity! haha

-- Love always and forever! 
Sister Harston

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