Monday, July 14, 2014

KWM (Kansas Wichita Mission!)

Ola!!!  Sounds like the 4th of July was fun for everyone!! we saw some fireworks because we sat outside on the Daley's porch to plan with flashlights and glow sticks. pretty fun :D  We had dinner with Brother Harp and the Elders and their investigators who are originally from the congo, but then went to africa and now are in Kansas.  It was cool because one of them, Jerry translates for his brothers in French :)  
Thank you for all the pictures and birthday wishes!!!!! those kids and the sunglasses... Madison is still a diva hahaha  And GREG?! perfect imitation.  Nailed it!! ahahahahahahahah and multiple packages?! What happened to a $5 gift? haha Oh mom, gotta love ya :) Ray's shirt size is probably XL.  It sounds like time flew by in Texas, good thing time won't matter in eternity :D  I really loved what you said about the foundation built on Christ. Everything we do really does point back to Him, and we truly find joy in it! That's something I've been learning too, if we're not finding weaknesses to work on, then we need to ask God to help us because progress still can be made and needs to be made now, not later.  It seems when people leave the church, oftentimes it's not an all of a sudden thing but a slow slope downhill.  Scary, but yep, keep the spirit there and He'll let you know if you're going the wrong way.  

So glad Stephanie and Liliana and Richie are all good!!!  THanks for the pictures KC!!!  Christina really is getting super tall. She's probably passed me by now too! sheesh. wow, first-time aunts. Glad you got to go on a good solid hike and got free ice cream, and got a song.  THey didn't know the depressing version of Happy Birthday by chance did they? haha  

Dad! I found a friend of yours in Kansas!  Thankfully we're labelled as missionaries and he said, "Harston....what's your dad's name? did he have a brother in a wheelchair..." Yes!!  His name is Greg Lietz and he says hi! and thanks for helping him in scouts. Apparently grandma helped teach him to sing, and he was good friends with Jon. Super cool! Probably has changed a bit since the last time you saw him. haha And I am forever grateful for covenants that we make with God.  It keeps reminding me of when Mom and I went to the temple and we did sealings and I got to hear how our family all started.  So special!!!!!!  So sweet :)

​As for the adventures this week, we had some really cool lessons.  We talked to Lashawn who is Jamesia's mom.  Turns out she met with missionaries 20 years ago and came to church, but quit because it was too long. but we found her! she kept saying she's been thinking ever since then of how she LOVES the "women's meeting" We re-taught her the Restoration and while Sister Gunderson was praying to open the lesson, She started whispering to herself. She told us later that she was praying and asking God to tell her what is true.  She wants to give all of herself to God and hasn't felt like she could do that, but when we talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion after baptism, she said that's what she wants.  Also, I started testifying of the truthfulness of the vision Joseph Smith had and she said, "Girl, I know that happened, not because you said it, but because God told me"  WOW!!!!  The Spirit truly is important to have there.  They'll know info from us, but they know Truth from Him :)

Janice came to church on Sunday, and stayed the full 3 hours which was awesome :) She had a church tour with us and Sister Hill on Saturday too.  We haven't gotten much feedback from her, but we really hope that has we serve her (we're taking out some bushes this Wednesday and crushing cans for her) and teach simply and by the spirit and with LOVE that she will know that we want to help, and we want her to be happy. That is the spirit of missionary work!  Christ is our perfect example and I still have so much to learn from Him.  That's why I'm grateful for study time in the morning!

I also know it's so important to visit the older women in the ward.  Sometimes I think they're forgotten but they just want someone to talk to just like we all do!  I love visiting them because they love so easily.  Much to learn from their wise examples. Sister Biel especially is really good at serving people even though she's in a wheel chair.  She fixes meals for the sick, shares Books of Mormon, shares a video about the church with all her friends, invites people over....Selfless service :0)

Well that was a couple of the miracles from the biking week :) staying in shape that's for sure. haha I love you all and pray for you daily!!!!!!  Thanks for your love and prayers and support too.  I truly appreciate it and God does too :)  I know there's so much work to be done and it is MARVELOUS! Miracles are happening, the Lord loves His children, He is always there making up for our weaknesses, strengthening, lifting, and teaching us.  He truly is a great teacher :)

Sorry it's blurry, but we have the independence day spirit!!!!

Greg Lietz!  Who knew he grew up with my dad and is in another ward that meets in the same building as mine in Kansas.  Small world!

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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