Monday, April 21, 2014

Ola minha familia e meus amigos!  What a wonderful Easter weekend!!! Just right off the bat, I hope you all have seen the video Because of Him on  It's 2 and a half minutes about Jesus Christ and the many blessings we have because of Him!!!  It's short but really powerful.

Dad, I truly loved those songs from the Easter Cantata and it seems not many other people (besides those from Georgetown) know of them, but they're SO GOOD!   That is fabulous that so many people came to church! if their hearts are open to it, they won't help but feel how the Spirit is always present in the church building!!! We gave our investigator DJ a tour after church on Sunday, and the best part (and last part) is always the best because we end up in the chapel!!  So cool :)  You definitely have the best kids though dad! Hahaha ;)  you're officially in the Sunday School presidency?!  How's it going so far? (Also, the watch tan competition has officially begun because it's finally sunny outside. haha)

Geniel leaves in a week?! Oh my goodness gracious!!  She'll be such a wonderful missionary :) Glad that Brynlee is feeling better now.  Katrina will probably have the best time with Kaylie!  So fun.  Good ol' wind :) We definitely have plenty of it to share here in Kansas!!!  (we just don't have any mountains to look at. haha)  We definitely have a lot to do to prepare for, for the future.  I can't believe how many times in the Book of Mormon that it says "they went forth making preparations..." or something like that. And the coolest promise ever is that those who are converted to the Lord will never fall away :)  Converted to me is understanding the why behind everything God has asked us to do, really understanding and applying it by acting in faith :)  The Spirit is so much more evident in our lives as we are obedient! I know it is easier as a missionary because of our strict schedule and how studying and teaching is our whole life, but as we take time to do the things that are most important, He will give us time to do what we need to.   That is so awesome that you are seeking to talk to all those you don't know at church mom!! If you don't who will? The members have been so wonderful with feeding us when we're in Topeka, driving all the way out to Holton to come to our appointments, letting us sleep over Sunday and Monday so we can save on miles....etc!!!! I feel so deeply grateful for their sacrifices for the work, but I know the Lord is blessing them whenever they help in the work and help us. He always blesses us with a hundred times more that we ever gave :) I bet that family that you took the package too was REALLY appreciative for your service :)  Almost done with school!! yay!!!  How many days til summer?? Easter was wonderful and the bishop's family had us over for a huge dinner.   My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ate way too much of that meal. haha 

Katrina, I'm glad your finals went well!!!  I bet it felt so good after your last one and you were finally done :)  Who's your area manager for Little Ceasers?  (an elder in my district, his dad owns a bunch of them so that's mostly a question from him. haha)  Your arms are going to be so strong. haha  We definitely went there in Provo because the pizza was so cheap and the bread was yummy. Religion classes can be really hard! You should definitely not feel bad because I know you worked super hard, and I also got a C- in my New Testament class....but I'm glad you learned much! 

Ashley, just want to say I love you!!!!  And I know you are already relying on prayer, but it really works!  

Whew, so now really quick for this week, we talked to SO MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!  We got to pass out fliers about the Because of Him video so we talked to over 70 people in 2 days. whoohoo!!!  Lots of walking,but we really hope to see the results of those efforts this week :)  We even handed out some in spanish! mine is limited but the Lord definitely helped and we have a new investigator who can speak english, but is still learning.  Her name is Claudia. :) after we spoke with her, her little 3 year old son walked around with us to the other trailers pointing out where we should go and where his friends lived.  The Lord works in mysterious ways but that little boy helped us to knock on more doors than we planned to. :) 

Sherrie's still on for being baptized this Saturday!! we have much to teach and prepare but oh it is so WORTH IT!!!  What an amazing experience that I am so blessed to be a part of  :)  We found 4 new investigators this week too. Miracles!!!  One of them is the daughter of our investigators Melanie and Raymond, and she has spoken with missionaries before!!! It was perfect timing because she was just sitting in her car in her driveway figuring out their new stereo.  :)  

I know the Lord is doing more work than we are and I'm so grateful for His help and guidance.  I know this would not be possible without the Spirit.  I know my Savior lives.  I know He loves us an incredible amount!  I know that He truly saved me from more than I'll ever know, since my life would have gone in a completely different direction if I hadn't grown up in God's church.  I've had so much hope and and I'm working always to increase my faith in Jesus Christ, which He also helps me with.  

I love all of you so much and hope you have a wonderful week!!!
-- love always and forever
Sister Harston
 PS I got the package,  Sister Hartung and I early in the morning on Easter, we made our own Easter baskets from the packages we got from home, and Kansas' form of wild turkeys

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