Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So, Sherrei got baptized on Saturday!!!  Her sons had been really wishy washy about whether or not they were coming and both of them came.  So her sons Devin (along with his girlfriend and 5 month old son CJ) and Walker, and her nephews DJ, Clay, and clay's friend Storm, and her mom Gaye even came too!!!  What an amazing turnout.  Everything went really smoothly.  As we waited at the side of the font as Brother Goodrick was about to say the baptismal prayer, an amazing feeling of love, and awe, and just pure joy came over me. It felt similar to when family is gathered around, but a little different.  it was an incredibly special and sweet experience that I hope never to forget. I know none of it was me and sister Hartung. Sherrei pretty much only needed the pamphlets and the spirit and she was good to go :) Afterward she was practically giddy like a weight had been lifted off her heart, and I'm sure it was :)  What a blessing to be a part of that marvelous experience. Sunday was cool too, it was just her at church but she was given the gift of the Holy Ghost and the whole process was complete.  (Also, a miracle happened.  Tornados were predicted and Sister Hartung and I and Sherrei all prayed for the storm to pass or be delayed at least till after she was confirmed. Sunday, there wasn't even a sign of a storm. The Lord ANSWERS prayers of faith!!!) 

Also today we got the e-mail about transfers and Sister Hartung and I are staying up in Holton!!!!! We are so excited because that is what we were hoping for :)

KC you have cuter glasses than me!  haha and you dyed your hair what colot? it looks a little purple in the picture.  I'm so glad you have an awesome Family Home Evening group! that makes things so fun :)  only 4 in an apartment, I bet that's SUPER nice.  Ward pianist, no way!! haha you've always been so good at that, but since Rexburg isn't huge maybe you'll still get to hang out with the people you meet this Spring and Summer!

Dad, I don't know that I could teach you anything. haha All I have to say is use the notes area available in the margins, and fill it up! :0) Preach My Gospel is truly amazing and inspired.  It's funny that every difficulty we have, the answer's in the Book of Mormon and Pregar Meu Evangelho :) I'm glad you and grandma got to go to Geniel's farewell talk!  I'm so excited for her.  Spanish will come if she doesn't hold anything back from the Lord.  I'll probably relate with her better once I go to Brazil though.  Is her e-mail She was always good at bringing other to any event, it would be impossible for anyone not to love her :) I'm glad it was you dad to explain things to the young man.  A little fatherly love and guidance will go a long way! 

Grandma, so glad you're doing better!!!! It warms my heart to hear :)  Are you still enjoying indexing? Healing well?

Mom, I know you can pass out a Book of Mormon :) It's an amazing experience that if you have it available to you, whether in the car or your purse or something, then pray to the Lord and say something like, "Heavenly Father, I know I need to give someone this Book of Mormon and I'm going to, but I just don't know who.  Please help me to recognize them when I find them."  Out here we've really been learning a lot about how to pray with faith, so I don't know if that helps.  you probably were already doing that anyways!!!  I'll for sure keep you in my prayers for your test and to give away that book of Mormon. That's a really good quote, I just might have to use that too so thanks! haha We've met a few people this week who just don't want to believe that there could be a prophet because they see no need for one.  They believe they can receive all the revelation they need on their own.  How sad!!  We can receive precious incite and guidance but we need a leader to guide the church as a whole, and he's not the only one leading it!  it's an amazing network that we NEED.  He keeps the doctrine pure.  He will never lead us astray.  He has the power of God to dedicate temples. He and other church leaders can provide answers to prayers. They are great examples, and I could go on and on and on and on!  How people can miss that, I don't know.

Nichole, don't even worry about a hand written letter.  E-mails work just perfectly and their's less chance of me misplacing it :) Sounds like Easter was really fun. and Gladys Knight is coming!!  What a great experience! and super low key to invite others by saying there will be beautiful music.  Haha yeah don't worry about pictures, you can just send a billion when baby Bridger is here:) Such a CUTE NAME! good choice :)

Mostly this week has consisted of meeting with Sherrei and preparing her for baptism as well as continuing to Find.  A miracle is that we met a guy named Shawn who was outside playing football with his cousin.  We walked up to say hi and he was so nice.  He let us share all the way through the first vision and invited us to meet with him again the following morning.  We couldn't find another place to meet so we stood outside with him under a little 2 foot overhang over his door while the rain came pouring down.  It was soo coool!!!  We finished the first lesson and invited him to be baptized and HE SAID HE WOULD!  He's praying about whether to be baptized with DJ (yes they're best friends, what are the odds!) or on May 17.  So exciting.  He is 18 and his mom is ok with it!  He works a lot so we have to catch him on the fly sometimes, but what a miracle.  Hearts are prepared!

Well I love you all and pray you will have a good week, that you'll be safe, and that you will have your needs met!  

-- love always and forever
Sister Harston

So here's Sherrei at her baptism that she was SO EXCITED FOR!! and here's my district with a couple of goofballs in the back haha

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