Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hellooooo!!!   Glad everyone liked conference! I agree that the spirit is so strong as we listen carefully to the speakers and to the Spirit.  Dad, i think I understand now when you said no one else would want to read the notes you took because it was all revelation for you, not just writing down what they said.  That is so scary that you almost hit a tree!! I am so so so so glad you were okay, but I really hope Chris Bingham heals well!!! It's true that everyone's challenges are unique and they're all hard! But they sure shape us for the better or for the worse depending on how we react to them. 

It's so nice to hear you got to go to the temple! We were talking to a family not to long ago who were talking about some things that they kind of have a little mixed up.  Sister Hartung and I were both thinking, "If you would go back to the temple, you wouldn't have to wonder!"  It's a special place :) And more family names! that's good stuff :) Speaking of family, I don't know how many davenports there are in the world, but we talked to an older man who has lived in Kansas his whole life, but was baptized by an elder Davenport.  He showed me a picture and it isn't Grandpa, but i was wondering if one of his brothers or something served in the Kansas area.  

Conference is seriously a wonderful time of revelation and I'm sad to have to wait for the conference ensign until the mission sends a copy to us up in Holton.  I'm just selfish though because I want 2 copies of it instead so I can mark it up. haha It's just so good!! Sister Hartung and I were laughing a bit that they mentioned tornadoes a couple times because it's that time of year here in Kansas!  But Elder Holland definitely lays down the law. haha I'd have to say my favorite one was probably Eyring? It's hard to say because they'r all so great!

We've caught 4 mice so far, and Sister Hartung even got up the courage to throw one away. So gross, but we've decided they are all boys so they won't be able to have babies. haha  Yay for Easter Break! That'll be a fun trip :) Ashley and Greg sent my some pictures of Brynlee and she is growing fast it's ridiculous. haha 

Way to go for Christina.  She has always had a beautiful voice, which definitely runs in their family. And It was probably a good thing that Amy's infection happened in the US and not the Phillippines?  But I'm glad it's taken care of :)  What are her next plans? And Nichole and Stephanie are both due in June right? Nichole! I still need a picture!! :P New areas are really cool though, because there are so many people who have not had the chance at all to hear about the restored gospel, so we're giving them the opportunity :D

This week has been truly amazing and crazy.  Wednesday we ran outside real quick right before companionship study to put our trash out, and the front door (which locks automatically) closed behind us.  It was drizzly and cold and we hadn't finished our hair, makeup, didn't have our phone, keys, our bags, or anything!!  We knocked and knocked and knocked on the front door and waited and waited and waited for our neighbors to come down, but they didn't. We ended up stopping by Sherrie's house who was miraculously home (due to sickness) who let us borrow her phone and call someone.  Anyways, long story short, we were stuck outside our apartment for about 5 hours.... but Sherrie was planning on cancelling our appointment for that night because she wasn't feeling well, until we showed up and then she changed her mind. that night was a totally spiritual lesson and she accepted a baptismal date for the 26th of this month!!!! How cool is that?!!!  So amazing.

Also, we taught an older man, Butch who we met in Denison and he surprised us by saying he wants to change, he wants forgiveness, and he wants to be baptized too!!!!! WOW! We set his date for the 3rd of May, he wants to move it up if he can, but we just need to make sure all is good from his past.  

The Lord's hand is in the work and His miracles continue!! What a blessing it was to be a part of those amazing experiences :)

Love you all! stay safe, stay sane. haha

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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