Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thanks for chatting with me for a whole hour Mom and Dad!  that was wonderful to see you again :)  Since Sister Hartung and I are truly together 24/7 we talk A LOT. she knows me better than anyone I think. haha she said it was cool to see you and what you're like since I talk about you and tell her the things that are going on :) BUT I also can't believe I forgot to ask about a few things, Did Otter Creek hire a new teacher? Have you been finding good places to get more wood? When is school out? What else did you do for Mother's Day? 

Nichole, how are you going to give away ALL those kittens?!  I hope it's not too difficult, but I'm glad you get to have some fun with them in the meantime :) I CAN'T WAIT to hear how the 4 people who came to that concert think about it.  How cool!!!  "I Stand All Amazed" is a good one, did it make you cry? That's amazing that she is using her God given talents to spread the good news!  SO perfect :)  I pray for your family as well!  Also, thanks for the text that mom read to me while we were skyping, Love you!

Adam, how did your next test go? I'm praying for you!! I bet that will be so nice to be over and done with those.  It has got to be tough to balance financial and daddy work too.

Grandma, I believe you are a better missionary than I am.  haha so much patience!  I'm glad Jocelyn is enjoying that scripture study time so much with you.  THAT is wonderful :) I find it very impressive that you were able to navigate through the whole book of Isaiah. Did you learn a lot? 

Well some of this will be review for some of you but it's good stuff!!! We were able to meet with Shawn again and he said he'll be baptized with DJ on June 6th!  We're so excited for them. I really hope that they work together, but they're both pretty busy.  DJ is willing to squeeze in time with us here and there because we explained all the steps to go through before baptism.  Oh there's more! haha Brother Vanwagoner came with us to that appointment at the park and share his experience of being on the straight and narrow path and not.  The differences he saw and the things he said were so perfect for DJ, it was great.  Just another reason why we need members at appointments because I sure don't know what addiction is like! 

Butch is having some physical troubles.  His glasses broke and so he has been using an old pair which really doesn't work as well, so he hasn't been able to read in the book of Mormon.  He has an appointment soon to get them checked though which is good.  As we talked with him, he was still pretty positive about things :)  We told him to have patience with himself as he learns because it is a lot of new information.  He said. "I have all the patience in the world girls.  I don't think anyone has more patience."  Then he looked at a couple girls on his porch who were giggling and talking about girl stuff and he grumbled, "If they would just go away"guess patience is still a work in progress. hahahahaha

One more REALLY COOL story, we were out tracting and decided to go knock on a door.  As we started walking up to the house, a man came outside who we recognized.  His name was Frank and we had worked with him once at the Food pantry here in town.  He recognized us too, fortunately :)  He said he had wanted to talk to us at the pantry but didn't feel the situation was appropriate and wasn't sure he would see us again, but there we were!  It was a beautiful day outside and so we talked with him and his neighbor for a little while bore testimony, and gave them Books of Mormon.  Frank was very interested and said he felt God had put us in his path that day (WHOA!!!)  we scheduled an appointment with him for the very next day which went really well.  "Why do you think that God and Jesus Christ would appear to answer Joseph Smith's question rather than answering in another way?"  "Well he needed to hear it straight from the horse's mouth so it wouldn't be changed by men and it would be pure truth."  RIGHT! what a cool experience.  He said he will be baptized but we'll set an actual date for that this week.

Miracles are happening everywhere.  It's amazing to see the results of being led by the Spirit even when in the moment, you don't always realize it.  He is always there.  God is leading this work and it is hastening :) What an amazing blessing to be a part of it,and YOU ARE TOO!!! (Alma 58:39-40 And those sons of the people of Ammon, of whom I have so highly spoken, ...and the Lord has supported them, yea, and kept them from falling by the sword, insomuch that even one soul has not been slain. But behold, they have received many wounds; nevertheless they stand fast in that liberty wherewith God has made them free; and they are strict to remember the Lord their God from day to day; yea, they do observe to keep his statutes and his judgments, and his commandments continually; and their faith is strong in the prophecies concerning that which is to come." We can all follow their examples.  Something I'm still learning is that you need to pray with faith for the Lord to strengthen you, then GO AND DO ALL YOU CAN to make it happen, and it will :) I love you all and pray for you daily!!!  

1st we decided to have lunch at Rafter's Park, 2nd is the house I was in (the Myers home) when I was skyping family, 3rd obvious

These are the brick roads in Holton,  Just out looking for people to talk to :) (sorry the dates on the pictures are apparently totally wrong!)

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