Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So don't have tons of time to e-mail this well so maybe it'll be shorter! haha so yes, I'll be able to skype or call you I believe.  Probably going to be around 3:30pm? Just an estimate. so weird, feel like we just talked! haha Whew. I'll try to call before hand for a few minutes to make sure every one's home and the internet's working :)
So Sherrei is still doing really well and we helped her move on Saturday to another house on the other side of Holton.  We're sad she's not across the street anymore, but it's good because it's bigger and cheaper :)

Mom, you gave a book of Mormon away!!  that is so awesome :) even if they don't convert right away, at least she might open it up and realize it's different that many people assume. I really hope the lady they hire is good for all of you.  That will make work a  much better experience.  And of course the kids would slip up and call you mom. you're just such a good one!! 

Dad, how long has Cole been out? I don't even remember.  We had Stake conference this last week and I got to see some people from my last area in Emporia.  So cool :) Brother Jensen told me he doesn't think I'm going to Brazil because they just pulled a ton of missionaries out of Venezuela. Who knows!  But it's totally fine because I KNOW that I'm where I need to be right now.  The Lord has all control and I trust Him :) That's awesome you made the comment about Preach My Gospel and I'm sure they were totally about to hug you or tackle you or something. haha glad you're enjoying it!!  

Nichole I can't believe you have kittens!! How did that happen? haha so only 7 weeks left for you maybe? I don't know if I'm more excited than you or not. haha Apryl's going to have a baby too.  I can't believe it.  Hope everything goes smoothly!

Katrina, glad your hair is brown. haha  The Gladys Night thing was something that Nichole and Justin got to enjoy in Texas :)  We're having really warm weather out here too, and whew I'm getting awkward tan lines on my feet. haha But we're finding more people to teach so it's a really really good thing!! We haven't been able to get in contact with Shawn, but Graduation is soon so he might be more available afterward.  High hopes!   Sounds like work is putting you to the test :) are your arms still getting sore or are you totally good now?

This week has been interesting. We didn't have very many set appointments because all the potential investigators we found the week before are no longer interested.  So we've been tracting again and one of Butch's friends, a young guy is interested in learning more and took a Book of Mormon!!  Butch is planning on being baptized on the 17th of May too :) We found a member of the ward, brother Self, who likes fishing too and is going to bring Butch to church next Sunday :) so happy for him!  Also, while we were her in Topeka,  (we don't usually do any tracting since it's not exactly our area ) but it was a beautiful day and we decided to drive to an area, park the car and walk to members houses.  On our way we saw a group of young men outside messing around with a basketball and we asked each other, "should we go talk to them?" Of course! so we did :)  We were able to talk with them about their experience and feelings they get from reading the bible and stuff. One in particular was more religious than the others.  We were able to explain that we wanted to build on what they already know and to help them feel that good feeling again :)  As we shared the first vision, they were all quiet and listening intently.  They ALL accepted Book of Mormons, Restoration pamphlets, and a return appointment next Sunday!!! what?!  So cool, we have to hand them over to the elders to teach, but I have to say it was totally worth it :) 

Love you all and pray for you every day!!!!  
-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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