Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ya Done been Transferred

So yes, that's how some Kansans talk. haha but sad but good news is I'm getting transferred to College Hill, Kansas to be companions with a Sister Gunderson.  So sad to leave Holton and the Kaw Valley ward. It's been too good to me, and I love them so stinking much!!! but I know I will love my new area too :)  

Katrina has a boyfriend?! Picture please?! Thanks for the pictures of the nephews and niece.  So cute it made me laugh :P And 23?! I don't believe it!!!  That'll be the best gift ever! Gary is super awesome :)  Don't worry about the depressing birthday song, I'll make sure everyone knows. HA!  Honestly not sure what I'll need...maybe a shirt or some fun earring studs or something? or anything you can think a missionary would need....who knows. haha

Mom, school is out!! Yay!!! Sounds like you have a lot to do before next week. that's exciting! It's really good to hear that Casey Blakley is going on a mission.  It'll be the best thing for him that's for sure!!! I'm praying for you for your final! Blessings blessings blessings coming your way!  :) I love that you know that song mom, it had a new kind of meaning to it when you say it though, because there is truly a lot of strength in a family unit that helps each other to make it back home! what a special gift :D

Dad, I know there's a lot of people who rely on you, but it's so great to see how you get it!!! the gospel will help them more than we ever could.  You've always been a really good listener :) putting a testimony in a Book of Mormon makes it an even better gift!  also, hope you enjoyed the Goobers!  Can't believe that Liam is 3 either.  So crazy.  Katrina sent me a picture of him shooting Ethan in the mouth with a water gun. SO FUNNY!  Greg and Ashley got a cat?! Cool cool :)

I've been realizing lately how much people rely on those who are strong in the faith. I'm not there yet, still working on it, but people have really opened up to us a lot this last transfer.  They're looking for a rock to build their house on and that is Jesus Christ's Atonement and Gospel!  Honestly it's fun to help and serve people, but that's what can stay with them always when situations change around them. God put us all here together for a reason!  We are His hands, here to do His work, and what a marvelous work it is!!!!

We were able to meet with Jaimie again this week and she said she usually is a quiet person who doesn't really socialize and who suffers from depression.  We would not have known if she hadn't said anything, because she always seems so kind and loving when we're there!  She said it makes her happy every time we come and she acts different around us than around others because of it.  That's the Spirit!!! Evidence it is true :D
We saw Lori again too who is super tired from work, but also got to sing about the wise and foolish man to her little 5 year old daughter Lily, which was fun. Lori said she is for sure going to church next week.  We're excited for her to be there :) 

Butch came to church on SUnday again and had his Black jeans and an ironed shirt.  He's doing so good :) Sherrei surprised us by bringing her son Devin's girlfriend Libby to church with her. Libby has never sat in on lessons or anything so we were pleasantly shocked.  She said we could come and teach her more and explain some of what happened at church :) so neat!!

We tracted like crazy this week and found a couple potential people and a sweet young 18 year old girl who is golden!!  She just graduated from high school and is looking for what she needs to do with her life during this transition of moving out and living on her own.  The Gospel can help!!!!!!  We were able to relate with our own experiences and of course talk about the Restoration and give her a Book of Mormon. which she said, "Can I have one of those books or where do I get one?".. you can have this one free! "I'm super excited to read it"   WHAT!? soooooo cool, the Lord is working hard in ways we cannot see. I'm so grateful for His help in all things.  I love feeling the spirit every day.  I love that He's the one in charge and can make up the difference even though we are weak. His strength makes us strong.  I love this Gospel and am excited to share it with the people in College Hilll (still not totally sure where that is haha by wichita I think) 

Miracles are happening in Kansas!

so scared running from a dinosaur, cool murals on a wall in south topeka, 

oh kansas

​panaderia that we love!!! fresh bread for 50 cents a loaf​? Mmmm, and tractors that drive all over Kansas. pretty sure our car could fit underneath they're HUGE!

Love you all so much!!!!
-- Love always and forever!
Sister Harston

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