Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So this last week was crazy! It went in a big ol rush! and now I'm in Holton (we're opening the area!!!)  with the coolest person ever, Sister Hartung :)  Feel free to look up the town on Google. haha teeny tiny! and yes, today it has been snowing all morning.

So cool to see that picture of the family at the wedding! Everyone looks so good it's ridiculous. haha So good to see everone so happy, and it looks like a lot of the family came!  And Sedale has a new girlfriend perhaps? But honestly, so proud of Dad for sending that from his phone. hahahah you're a goof :D Amy can feel free to send any pointers she would like so I can be as strong as she was by the end of her mission :) Geniel is going to be a fabulous missionary.  I bet her mission president will be super excited once he meets her.  Hope your test goes well mom!!!!!  That's incredible that Amy trained so much! Shows she's an amazing leader :)  

Since transfers were on Wednesday, I had to say bye to a lot of people on Tuesday. Debbie told us she had doctors appointments and we wouldn't be able to see her til after 5, but we had appointments after five, so we asked if we could come over in the morning.  She said, "How about right now?" AHH!! we didn't have the car and we were going to help a lady in our ward, Sister Bock with cleaning up her business, soon, so we ran to Debbie's, Hence the t-shirt. haha She's the one with the knitted hat.  (And yes, I realize I look like a giant haha) Fortunately after working with Sister Bock, she gave us a ride home so we could change.

 I seriously will miss so many people in Emporia! but I still have their addresses so it'll be just fine :)  Holton has been prepared by the Lord.  In being here for only 5 days so far, we have 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS!  Brad Stanley, DJ, Tammie, Melanie, and Brenda. We have a few appointments for this week and it is so exciting.  The ward was so awesome on Sunday.  Apparently people were excited for Sisters to be in the ward :)  Many of them came up to us saying, "When can we feed you?"  So sweet!  The relief society president is actually making a trip up here tonight to bring us a blanket, a screwdriver, and dinner.  My goodness, I feel we'll be spoiled. haha  But we're pretty secluded up here. It's a 35 min drive to Topeka where the Elders in our District live. haha  But Holton is so neat!!  It has so pretty cool antique homes and people have been REALLY nice here, waving as they drive by, welcoming us when we introduce ourselves.  The Blue house in the picture?  We live on the second story. our address is:

101 Iowa #2
Holton, Kansas

It kind of reminds me of home, the houses just aren't as spread out and there's less trees :) But it'll be a branch eventually! that's the goal. haha As for now, we drive down to Topeka for church, which isn't bad.  There is also an Indian Reservation near by that we've been on a couple times to find service opportunities, but we're not allowed to proselyte there.  

Anyways, I have seen the Lord's hand everyday and I am so thankful for His help in figuring out where things are, and in finding people. "And now, as the preaching of the word had a great tendency to lead the people to do that which was just - yea, it had had more powerful effect upon the minds of the people than the sword, or anything else, which had happened unto them - therefore Alma thought it was expedient that they should try the virtue of the word of God" (Alma 31:5).  The Spirit is here and is working on the hearts of the people.  It's a marvelous work and a wonder, and I get to see it firsthand.  What a blessing!!!!  I know this gospel is true and I feel my own testimony being strengthened and deepening as I study and testify every day.  It's a powerful and joyful message that we share!!! 

I love you all!!!! Have a splendid week!
-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

PS picture description:  Debbie's in the black outfit with the knitted hat, Janet has the glasses and super blonde hair

Our awesome Blue House (we live on the second story, and pictures of the inside will be posted next week),  Sister Hartung! having fun haha, and when we got lost on the Indian Reservation :)

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