Monday, December 2, 2013

So good to hear about the family Thanksgiving in Idaho!!!  And can't wait to get all those precious notes from everyone who was in California for Thanksgiving to :)  That's nice that it's not a very long break between seeing them.  Are Nichole and Justin and family flying down for Christmas?  I haven't gotten Katrina's package yet, but I think it got stuck at the mission home and will hopefully be here soon.  As for where to send it, I don't think I'll be transferred so you could probably just send here to the 2090 Fanestil address. then i'll get it quicker.
And also I might need a few things for warmth. It's supposed to be a high of 20 degrees here on Friday. Burr!!! Fortunately we have the car this week, but next week might be a little frigid if you know what I'm sayin. So don't want to make it difficult for ya but maybe some long sleeve shirts, and a cardigan and fleece lined tights or something?  I have a couple pairs of tights but we can't seem to find them at the Wal-Mart here and we haven't been able to shop anywhere else really. 
I'm so excited for Marissa!! I tried to e-mail her and I think she might be in the same area as a couple of the Elders who were in my district.  I'm so excited she doesn't have to wait anymore.  She's going to be such a strong spanish missionary.  Love her!
Thanksgiving here was great. We seriously had like 3 meals and Sister Tycz and I could barely eat our cereal the next morning. haha  The first one was at the Starr's house and so it was a pretty big get together.  Jeremy Starr dared Sister Tycz and I to eat a concoction of his making and said he'd buy us Christmas sweaters if we did.  so since awesome ugly Christmas sweaters were on the line, we agreed. haha  so the combo was gross. I'll be honest.  Fortunately we only had to eat a mouthful but he mixed this melty cheddar broccoli cheese with black licorice and nutmeg.  Delicious right? Blegh haha
We did get to have Thanksgiving on the 30th with Rhonda and Tony and all their family.  You could tell they were pretty skeptical at first but since we just talked with them and they realized we were normal they warmed up.  We talked with Rhonda's dad Mike for a while. He even started introducing us to the others. haha  They asked for how long we'll be out on a mission, and how we got to go out, so we got to talk a little about the prophet.  They thought it was cool that we're paying for it ourselves.  They also want me to get out to Brazil quick so I don't freeze. haha  They had some pretty good suggestions of where to get boots for Sister Tycz though.  Can't wait to go back and talk with Tony and Rhonda later this week.
Right after we ate a ton at Tony and Rhonda's we got to work it off by raking leaves for our investigator Debbie.  I don't think she's really interested in what we have to say.  She just likes venting to us. haha But her friend Debbie started asking some questions.  New investigator!!! She is so sweet.  She's got a few things to work on (like drug addiction, alcohol, and smoking plus she's living with her icky boyfriend)  But there is so much hope for her!! Sister Tycz and I had the awesome experience of viewing her as the Lord sees her.  I was horrible and was thinking there was no way we could teach her because she was a bit drunk and stuff, but once Sister Tycz started teaching her, I prayed to Heavenly Father to help me see her potential.  She really is pretty and would look so good with clear eyes, dressed in white and smiling.  She wants to fix things and blames herself for everything (which we suspect is partly due to the guy she's dating/living with).  The Gospel can bless her and help her so much though!!!!  She could actually be happy and feel she has worth, because it's so true!!!  We want to help her so bad but the best thing for her honestly, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She wanted to come to church but apparently had work, and her boyfriend doesn't like Mormons either. So we hope he doesn't stop her from coming closer to Christ.
Also, after raking for a couple hours, we had to have a bit of fun, so enjoy the crazy pictures! haha
The day before Thanksgiving we were going to to see Matt and Izak, who weren't home unfortunately.  So instead we thought we'd do a bit of tracting.  We knocked on a door, and as we started walking away, a lady opened it and her husband drove up at the same time so we were stuck in the middle. haha  We talked with them (Sharen and Rolan) for a bit.  She wasn't interested when we offered her a Book of Mormon, but her husband said he'd take one.  We're excited to talk a bit more!  Also, since we have the car this week we get to go seen the Knolls who live too far away to walk.  We have their names and don't know if they're already members or not, so we'll find out soon!! haha 
Oh PS, Sad news some crazy things happened in Dodge City apparently and Kim and Daniel, the recent converts are thinking of withdrawing their membership record because he feels judged now that people know he's done some pretty bad stuff. Since they live with Linda, Linda thinks the church does background checks on everyone and doesn't want to be a part of it.  She loves the Sisters still but doesn't want to be a part of the church :/ Seriously broke my heart to hear this.  I really hope we can still write back and forth though.
Anyways, Stephanie's prego?  Oh my goosh soooo exciting!!!!   so she and Nichole will both be due in what month? Also super excited for you Katrina to be in Idaho with Greg and Ashley, what's your/their address??so I can send something for Christmas :D  Also I'm in need of Adam's and Nichole's address and Grandma Harston's and Grandma and Pa Davenports. I think that's all the stamps I have so yeah.  haha  I really hope you find a job though KC! Especially if the medical coding can totally pay off too. If you need a math tutor, um can't help ya. haha but apparently I remember something because I helped a less active lady a week or so ago with her homework. haha random.That's sweet that Kaily and Thomas will be there.  Can't wait to hear your hangout stories :)  Say what?!?!?!  baha it'll be like that here too :)  good luck on Sundays when you have to wear a skirt! haha
Well I love you all and know that this Gospel can help us no matter what trials we face, be they large or small.  Our Heavenly Father just wants to help us so much if we would only turn to Him and the example He gave us through His Son Jesus Christ.  I know this church is true without a doubt.  I feel the Holy Ghost testify this to me every single day and it's the best feeling in the world.  I love you all!!!! 

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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