Monday, November 25, 2013

Ola! Como vai?! So great to hear from you all :) I'm so glad that the other Sister Harston (Amy of course haha) is safe and sound:) that is so crazy.  The tornado that happened in Kansas I hadn't even heard about, haha shows how much it affected us hear! Love is definitely imperative here on the mission.  You're not going to enjoy the work at all if you don't love who you're talking to no matter how they respond to you.  And like you said Dad, you can't teach by the Spirit if your own emotions are clouding the way. This work is sososososoooo! worth it :) Thank you all for your love and prayers. Also yeah, didn't get your e-mail dad, quite the mystery, bahah ;) Have you been getting lots of opportunities to work 24s?
Also, the address is the same, cause, just to be safe I have all the mail sent to the mission home and then they forward it to me. For packages, they said thy can forward priority mail, but if it isn't they have to wait for someone who is travelling to your area to get it to you.  So my home address right now is 2090 Fanestil Dr., Emporia, KS 66801.
That's so awesome that you all get to be in Idaho together!!!!  I can't wait to hear all about the trip.  And yes, Katrina has always had a knack for getting kids to fall asleep.  Such a good auntie :) 
Mom, it sounds like Otter Creek is a pretty kicking place, hopefully not literally!  You sound like you need a pretty big raise :) You're a PE teacher too now  so did you have to invent things for them to do or does Georgetown send you all the things that they need to do?  Sounds like Idaho is a much needed break. So jealous! but a mission's a pretty good trade off too, haha ;) We had one random power outage here for a few minutes, but not as fun as card playing in the dark for a few hours!!! Saweet! haha did you roast marshmallows over the candles with forks again? I really hope the teacher keeps in the name Jesus Christ because that's where we got Christmas! it wouldn't exist at all without Him.  As for warm's getting pretty chilly here. We got to walk home one night and my oh my the humidity gets ya. haha I got a cardigan and another pair of tights and a beanie and Sister Tycz got a package with some scarves so she gave me one.  I think I'm good for now though.  I'll keep you updated :)
So I'll definitely be taken care of for Thanksgiving, we'll be working though cause missionaries have too important a work to take a break other than P-day :).  Here in Emporia the members are so kind and feed us every night! I hope I don't gain too much or a couple of my skirts won't fit as well haha  We have Thanksgiving with the Starr family and they cook amazingly yummy dinners so I can't even imagine how great it'll be.  Also, BEST NEWS EVER, we're eating another Thanksgiving dinner on the 30th at an investigator's house-Tony and Rhonda!  They've been having a bit of marriage trouble lately, but they're not planning on ending it fortunately because their kids matter the most to them at this point.  Rhonda told her mom that we will be coming over by saying, "My little Mormon girls are coming over"  Hahah so cool :)  WE are so excited to meet and talk with everyone.  We talked to Rhonda the other day for a super long time because she said, "I've got nothing but time" so we filled it.  hahah We might have taught her too much.  We talked about Joseph Smith, temples, family history, baptism, baptism for the dead, the Book of Mormon, the Spirit world.  We covered a lot of ground. haha she still doesn't really believe it's true, but she said our conviction for it is making her interested, especially because we are so young.  She said we seemed pretty mature and wanted our advice on how to get her 20 year old son motivated to do stuff. hahaha send him on a mission! just kidding we didn't say that ;)
We also got a couple new investigators, Matt and Izak.  They're cousins and roommates.  WE had an appointment with Matt and couldn't go inside because there weren't any other girls there but he was so nice and went and got a jacket and stuff so he could talk with us outside and his cousin Izak joined us.  It was the coolest talk ever.  Izak especially seems pretty interested.  When we were talking about the Book of Mormon they said, "you seem like it makes you pretty happy"  It does! we looked at eachother both grinning from ear to ear. haha  Izak also said, "you must have been sent from God or something because it's crazy that you were able to catch us at home, let alone at home at the same time"  Ah!  They're both pretty young but we're planning on which members we can take with us next time to visit or have them go to their home.  So exciting.! This is what makes missionary work extra amazing :) 
This Gospel seriously makes me so happy!  It fills you up and gives you a reason to smile for the day even when it's not the best.  I am so grateful for all I been taught by all of you! And Dad, I'm even using some scripture masteries! who knew right?! haha.
Katrina, I'm so happy you're in Idaho.  You and Ashley could probably have some fun shopping though if you haven't already :) Don't die! haha those classes sound pretty sweet though.  And you'll have to sing for me at Christmas so I can compare the before the vocal class and after. haha but really ;)  how many credits is that?
Nichole and Justin!! funnest cutest family at Halloween! I can't believe I used to fit into the tutu that Ashlynn was wearing. haha
Also, Letisha didn't go to church. She found a job and hasn't found time to meet with Sister Mortensen and Sister Bradshaw :/  Also apparently Linda is pulling back a little bit, but I have high hopes for her still.  I wrote her a letter and I HOPE she writes me back. 
Our mission's goal is to put people on date for baptism for the 24th of December so we can have a white Christmas :)  What greater gift can you give to the Savior of the world for His birthday?  Give Him you're heart and He'll take better care of it that you will. haha  I LOVE being a missionary, I love my companion. She's so fun , we talk about everything:)  I know the Lord knows what I need and has provided.  I'm trying my best to be His missionary and an instrument in His loving and powerful hands.  They Holy Ghost is truly an amazing gift.  Missionary work and conversion would not happen without him! It fills my soul :)

I love you all so very very much and am praying for you too! hope you all have a marvelous Thanksgiving!! 

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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