Monday, November 18, 2013

So I was transferred to Emporia II and I have a new companion Sister Tycz! Seriously love her so much. She and I took too long in Wal-Mart today buying nothing so we don't have tons of time to e-mail. haha but it'll probably be just as long.
So before I left Dodge, we got to see a few of our investigators! I seriously think it was a blessing from my Heavenly Father that we got to see them all.  Elder Sweeten said there can be power in a transfer because you can bear testimony to the people and help them see that they can be strong without you specifically there.  When we told Linda I was leaving, she was super sad, but I bore testimony that the Gospel is true and is the same, no matter who teaches it to you, plus Sister Mortensen would still be there.  Linda wrote down all her contact info for me so we can still keep in touch.  But also, I think since I was leaving and asked her to give the closing prayer (which she wouldn't do before because she was uncomfortable) she was hesitant, we reassured her, and she did it!!!! It was the most amazing thing ever :) The Spirit was really strong, not by anything I said, but by the own spirit she brought through prayer. 
We finally got to meet Letisha who actually just got out of jail and has an anklet on and everything.  She was really nice, but her story is that she was dating a drug lord, and when she realized that, she broke up with him, so he planted some drugs in some clothes he gave her and the police came in, took everything away, took her to jail and all this crazy other stuff.  But she's been reading the Bible and wants to read the Book of Mormon and committed to come to church on Sunday, so I'm really hoping to hear from Sister Mortensen about who went to church this Sunday.  We have high hopes for her :)
We also got to see the Greens and sit down with them in their home for the first time ever to give a real lesson.  Yay!  We gave the whole first lesson and then James asked, can I ask a question? I feel kind of embarrassed to ask it."  We're like, absolutely!!  ask anything, that's what we're here for!  So he asked about Polygamy in the church and where that came from if it's not true today, so we explained and then lynnsi asked about infants who die and if they're sent to hell like their preacher told them.  I was happy to bring up a scripture to explain that infants are pure! and go straight to the Celestial kingdom.  They were really happy to hear that :)  They also committed to go to church.  They are amazing and again, I really hope sister mortensen will give me an update every once in a while cause I miss all those people and I still love them :D
The Bus ride here was 3 hours to Wichita, and then 2 more hours to Topeka then a drive down to Emporia.  Didn't get home til about 7pmbut we had a lesson that night with Larry and he's a little hesitant about the Book of Mormon and said he'd try to read it, and we asked, why wouldn't you? He mostly said because he's busy, so we asked him to read one chapter which is really only 2 pages.  hope he does :)
As for the bus ride, that was interesting in and of itself.  I was talking with 3 guys who all seemed to be friends.  one of them has a step-mom who is Mormon and lives somewhere in southern California. He said he has a Book of Mormon already and he was amazed at how the book of Mormon says a lot of what the Bible says and says even more, and the Bible has a lot of what the Book of Mormon has but some other things too.  so together they confound false doctrine basically.  I was like, yeah! it does! super cool
Our progressing investigator here is Pam.  She's been taught the first few lessons, and we went and talked to her on Friday, I believe.  She has a hard time wrapping her head around the idea that we existed as Spirits before this life with our Heavenly Father.  She's hesitant because she wants to be sure she knows it's true. As Sister Tycz and I were talking with her, she started tearing up.  Sister Tycz was totally inspired to invite her to be baptized on Dec 14, a day she's been praying about for a while.  And Pam said yes!!!  She's not totally committed, but she said if she receives confirmation before then, she will :D So cool!
A little about Sister Tycz, she's awesome. Wants to work super hard, but was a little nervous to train me since she just finished her training. but she's fabulous. Honestly. She's from Ogden Ut and has a bit of a Utahn accent. haha we're having fun, working hard, passing out cards like crazy. haha Also super cool fact, when I was in Dodge City, Elder Bennett was in my District and he said he had served in Emporia a little bit ago.  I asked him who he wanted me to go see and he said, the only name that came to his mind was Imelda.  No address or last name so I was like, awesome, we'll see if I can find her.  I walk into our apartment, (the upstairs of a member's house. The Jensens and it's super nice)  And I see Imelda written under potential investigators on our white board.  I said, we need to see her! Sister Tycz said she lived kinda far away so we'd try next week when we'd get the car.  Well, we were going to go to the college for a bit to talk to some people, and found out there was a football game so that wasn't going to work.  Sister Tycz,said, we can go try Imelda then.  Apparently She and her previous companion had tried unsuccessfully 6 times to see her and she was never home.  Some Elders had tried too and she rejected them. So went on over, (Sister tycz was thinking, well she really wants to see her so we'll try).  Imelda was home!!! Her dad answered the door and let us in, she thought he said she had a phone call so she came out into the living room and found us instead! haha I told her that Elder Bennett said hi and wanted me to see her for him.  We set up a return appointment too!  AH! I don't believe it for a bit that it was just a coincidence that we were able to find her. 
I know this gospel is true!!!  I can feel it every morning when I read my scriptures.  The applications we can make to our own lives in them are incredible when you look for them.  I'm so excited to be here and I absolutely know this is where I need to be.  I know the Lord is leading us, even when we don't realize it sometimes.  As long as we are prepared and trying with all our heart, might, mind, and strength, we can't go wrong.  I know we have success every time we offer people these priceless truths.  We can't let them pass another day without it!!  What would our lives be like without the Gospel of Jesus Christ?.........That's how it is for everyone else and they don't even know it!!  I'm excited to have Sister Tycz as a companion and I know we'll be able to accomplish much together :)
KC, I got your wonderful letter and absolutely loved it :)  Can't wait to see some of those Halloween pictures.  You'll be in Idaho in no time at all, that'll be SWEET!  I'll let you know when I get the package, and I GUESS I promise not to open it til Christmas....sheesh! haha Being in the baby room will be fun :) it'll be good mommy practice I guess? haha
I love you all and hope everythings going ok!  How's Amy in the Philippines? I heard a really big storm hit there.  How's school mom?  Any funny stories?  Dad! got all the wood chopped for winter? How are all the grandparents doing?  How's choir on Sunday? Any snow yet?  Excited to go to Idaho and visit?  What are the kids like this year at Otter Creek? How is it being the cleaning schedule people still? Can't wait to hear how things are going! 

-- Love always and forever
Sister Harston

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