Friday, September 27, 2013

So yea I'm going to Wichita, Kansas for my reassignment!!!!! And my companion is comin with me :) And I forgot I'm supposed to tell you the itinerary for my flight too. Whoops so here goes:

Delta Air Lines (DL 1440)
From Salt Lake City UT (Salt Lake City) 6:30AM
To Minneapolis MN (St Paul Intl) 9:27AM

Delta Air Lines (DL 3613)
From Minneapolis MN (St Paul Intl) 11:25 AM
To Wichita KS (Mid Continent) 1:11PM

So theres ya go :)  I honestly don't know anything about kansas so feel free to share the cool stuff you can look up on Google. Haha but seriously :)  Also, Brother Markham, who's in the branch presidency for my branch said that jackets from are super light but nice. No idea how much they cost but he said to look it up.  They're an Atom Jacket or something, I have no idea. Anyways, yeah.  Don't know how cold it gets there but if it's as cold as Utah has been the last couple days then I'll need a jacket.  Didn't plan that out very well, haha.  Don't mean to start out with all this crazy stuff but I gotta jot it down before  I forget.  When you're sending my coat and stuff, could you also send a couple white shade shirts?  They've been completely out of them at the MTC bookstore since the day I got here and only have XL, which, fortunately, weight gain in the MTC hasn't been that dramatic if existent, so yeah still a Medium. :)

Oh my goodness so much has happened this week.  The Choir for Relief Society General Broadcast was already full.  We didn't get to fill out a survey because we had a meeting at the time they did, but it's all good.  It'll be wonderful to see and Sister Briggs and Sister Anderson can tell us all about it when they get back :)  Sister Jackson was saying she's grateful because it would have added a lot to the stress load of preparing to leave this weekend which is totally true.  Also at TRC this week, Sister Jackson and I taught a sister from Brazil whose name is Cristina.  She spoke so fast! but I thought we did pretty good understanding it anyways.  I also realized how gringo I sound when i speak too. hahah We asked her a question about her scripture studies and she basically taught the whole lesson! so perfect.  Sister Jackson and I related our own experiences and testimonies about the Book of Mormon which was really cool too.  I love TRC! Because the people who come aren't pretending to be anyone else so it's great practice working with members.  She was so sweet and told us all about Brazil.  She said that the people there love to see pictures about your life from before the mission, so if that nifty package you send contained some pictures that would be great, for my benefit and the people in Brazil :0 )  They've also never seen snow so if you snuck a snow pic in too, I wouldn't might.  sorry for all this trouble and being so forgetful!  I hope you got the pictures i sent in the last e-mail as well.  Isn't my companion beautiful!? oh, nother side note, could you e-mail my immunization record?  I didn't bring one with me and I'm not absolutely sure, but I think I might need it.

Oh mom, I got the letter you mailed :) thanks so much!  and a few days after I got that one, the DearElder one came. Haha weird. Also the Temple video is amazing! I love it and am learning new things from it every time.  I love sharing insights in the Celestial room with my roommates :)

We had in-field orientation yesterday for 5 hours or so which taught me so much! I wish we could have a mini refresher course before we head out, but I took lots of notes, so that'll work :)  Also, I'm super excited to be in the airport with my companion and go around an chat with people! I think that'll be so fun! I'm not even sure what to share.  During it, they shared a video about the 3 young men who helped to find the Martin Hand cart company and carried so many people across that frozen river that they all died as a result of their selfless love.  Really touched me and gave a deeper meaning to the word service.   They were talking about how all three of those young men had a spot saved for them in the Celestial kingdom.  What an amazing history.

Also Dad, Greg, and Adam! (and anyone else who wants to) mission stories! I would love to hear about whatever you feel inclined to share with me.  i can't believe i never really asked you about stories before but I would absolutely love it!

And yes, I met/saw Elder Keith Harston.  So during gym time I was playing four square like a pro,....hahah... not really....but I heard an elder on the side lines say, go Elder Harston! and i was like, "what? Did you say his name is Elder harston??  Is his first name Keith?" because he was a bit familiar but i had noooo idea why. Maybe because we get a Christmas card from his family, or I met him 8 years ago...hahah anyways.  they said yes, and I burst out with "oh my gosh! you're my second cousin and you were named after my dad!" haha He had no clue who I was.  I told him about the time my flight was cancelled and his family came and saved me.  I mostly hung out with william who's my age, and went on a run with his sister kimberly.  I couldn't believe it.  So yeah, he's 18 now and going to Brazil, Belen mission I think.  so cool :) he's been here 2 weeks. I also saw Sooryun Lee, or Sister Lee.  She's from Korea and I worked with her at Wyview for like a year! I knew she was a teacher here, but I had no idea what building so I was sad I wouldn't get the chance to see her,.....but as I was walking into B145 for the orientation she was right there and i gave her the hugest hug.  I was so excited :)  It was wonderful.  She was there translating for people in korean.  So, that was fantastic.

Also I love (in a Christlike sorta way :) my teachers Irmao Read and Irmao Nielson.  They've been so great and truly bring the spirit into each lesson.  They were our investigators and Sister Jackson and I only get to teach one more time before we head out.  Ah! so cool.  But they are wonderful teachers and only speak Portuguese, but they do it so slowly when compared with Cristina in the TRC, haha  It's nice cause then I can understand all that they say.  I can't believe I can after only 5 weeks!  The Lord truly blesses and helps His missionaries to accomplish much.  I'll have an hour of language study time every day in Kansas, so hopefully i don't just completely forget everything because I won't really have anyone to actually speak portuguese too.  I know that as I read the scriptures aloud in Portuguese and continue to study and pray in Portuguese that the Lord will help me to remember what I've been taught :)

Katrina, I can't wait to get your letter and hear about the rest of your trip. Thanks for the photos! I printed out the one with you and Julia :) totally made my day.And that Jo Dee Messina song popped into my head too! twinners! hahah just kidding, but don't worry I didn't actually start singing it out loud.  baha  and I don't even know what the weather is like in Kansas so, feel free to dearelder me about it or something.  Sister Jackson's parents sent her a picture and it looks nice and flat. haha I didn't know you were going to surprise Greg that's awesome! I'm filling my own picture in my mind for what his face looked like and it's pretty funny. haha.  I didn't get to escort Layne Davidson, I haven't actually seen her at all.  That's awesome you got to see Elder Christofferson! What'd you learn at the Devo?  I can't wait to see baby pictures when Ashley has their little girl! have they decided on a name yet?

Nichole, I'm glad the last e-mail was good :) Because I learned that family is totally included in our missions and we need to help uplift and tell ya what we're learning and invite you to learn right along with us.  :)  I gotta get some pictures of those kids :)  I love getting e-mails from you, "just a minute" that's hilarious :) And yes, I guessed you'd have another child before I got back :)  so exciting I can't wait. And how bout Hermoninny..bahaha jk!

Something I learned this week during Devotional was to be specific in prayers.  It makes them so much more meaningful.  Also, I know as I serve a mission that you will all be blessed, but as I serve my absolute best with might mind and strength, praying for charity and guidance from my Heavenly Father, then I can truly ask Him for blessings for you.  Irmao Read said that the Lord responds readily to obedient missionaries so if you need me to pray for something, don't hesitate to ask!  I pray for you all anyways and always :) I also learned that as you act on promptings from the Lord and dedicate yourself to the work, you will forget your weaknesses as He fills you with His Spirit and love.  He truly can make up for where we are lacking.  I also want to bear my testimony about Joseph Smith.  I know what he saw in the Sacred Grove that day really happened.  He saw the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  They called Joseph by name and restored the gospel through Him.  What a wonderful boy he was and man he became and I am forever grateful for his strength, courage and faith.  Some people forget how truly amazing that was.  I know Joseph Smith was a prophet.  a man called of God to do His work and witness of Him.  It really did happen.  In the song after the devotional there was a line that said "Save us Lord from Error"  Each of His children are precious to Him.  That includes everyone.  I don't want a single one to be lost if at all possible.  I know the happiness the gospel brings.  I know it changes lives and it changes hearts.  I know better now than I ever have before that God loves His children.  He wants to bless us. He wants to help us, but we must do our part.  and I say that in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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