Friday, August 30, 2013

Meg's first letter:
¡Ola meu familia! So first day of the MTC, pretty crazy. There were many spiritually high moments and moments taht are like, "Woah, this is different and definitely going to be a challenge." My companion is Sister Jackson and she's really sweet. I know we will be able to help each other grow and gain confidence. So you know whow I was so confident that I would be Irmä Harston? Aooarently not! We call sisters Irmä when they're women in the church, but since that is our title, I am Sister Harston. My district sisters are all really wonderful and we're all willing to be there for each other. I realized something today. As we were group teaching "investigators", I had this great desire to say what they needed to hear, that would help them where all of a sudden they would see and understand. Now I know many need time, and love, and encouragement, but it was cool to see as people talked that the Lord is already guiding us as what to say and do. I've already been told, just make it to Sunday. Haha. But studying Portuguese is going to be so fun! I've already seen Hannah Mangelson which was awesome. I haven't seen Spencer Preciado since the plane ride. I also saw Mandi, a previous visiting teacher from freshman year. I'm so blessed! It was cool to be welcomed by so many because I had the newbie sticker on. Haha. I can also see excitement in the missionary's eyes who have been here a couple weeks where the initial overwhelming part has eased. We all have so much potential and will become so much better so quickly as it is the Lords work and preparation we are doing 24/7. I love you all!!! And already can't wait to hear from you ☺
   ♥ always
Sister Harston

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