Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey there minha familia!  How's life?  I've been getting Brynne's e-mails each week from the MTC which is fun because I totally understand what she's experiencing now! haha I was freaking out thinking that Ashley had had her baby, but I guess now I'll be freaking out this week! hahah jk  I'm super excited for her.  You can tell her that I tell Brynnlee? that she can be born now.  Maybe that'll help speed things up. haha
And names, we write them ALL down, in the back of our planner, on our planning whiteboard, when we plan for the day, and we talk about them with each other all the time, so it's not too hard to remember.  Also, I think the Lord helps with that because their names are important to Him :)  But yeah, lots of notes too help :)  I've only had one door slam.  Usually people are pretty nice and we get a little smile out of them at the very least.  They'll say something like, sorry not really interested I have my own church, so we'll say, well you have a wonderful day. Good to meet you :D then smile real big like. haha  Although, we've been mentioning Family History more too. We've had a couple people interested in that so hopefully we'll be able to get them an appointment with Sister Mackey the family history consultant at the family history center.  Also thanks for getting music ready for me! Muah! I think I'm good on clothes for now :)
Sister Mortensen and I went down there to the family history center, Thursday to learn more about it so we can tell people more as we are inspired to when we meet people.  It was super cool!!! You can go to and then Resources then Family History.  You log in with your account info and you're IN. If you click on the temple thing and it has a red star thing next to it,  those are opportunities of people who are related to you in someway that need their temple work done, so look up Roy Kirby and Lavina Wagner.  Brother Mackey and I were looking at the Gahlbecks. We think we found the husband, but you look up census record and can see their name written in and stuff.  It was so cool!!! I wish we could go back to do more, but our work is for the living right now :) But you can do it for me! haha but seriously.  It's the coolest thing ever.  It was kinda exciting doing some digging to find people. 
There's only a few large dogs here, the rest are little Chihuahuas.  So no big dog chases, but little dog chases galore.  They like to think they're big and tough. haha This one time a little Chihuahua was going after Sister Mortensen's foot while we were biking by. looked so funny, she was afraid to hurt the little guy. baha And
So this week was incredible.  Linda is totally progressing, She's all the way into 2 Nephi 10 or something in her reading.  We met with her and Sister Mackey came with us :) Member missionary work! She was seriously the perfect person to bring.  We taught the first lesson which wasn't totally smooth as it was the first time Sister Mortensen and I had taught a full lesson together, but it was still good.  Sister Mackey had some great input and talked a bit about family history and Linda is totally interested because she doesn't know hardly anything about her family.  The Spirit was really strong and I got to invite her to be baptized.  She pulled back a little bit and said she wants to study a bit more.  She committed to read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet.  Sister Mackey was really reassuring to her and bore testimony as did I and Sister Mortensen.  I love the feelings the Spirit of the Lord brings to our hearts.  It feels sooooooo good :)  We're meeting with Linda on Tuesday to follow up and hopefully teach about the Plan of Salvation.
The next day we got to see and talk with Caroline and Mike.  Mike is a little quieter, but Caroline, my goodness she already knows everything!  She's never read the book of Mormon but she knows the Bible really well.  She was asking some hard questions too :)  She would say, "I believe that Satan doesn't understand God's plan otherwise he would have made the people like Jesus" And she said so many other I believes, that were totally in line with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! She's totally been prepared and doesn't even know it.  We were at their house for an hour and a half just talking about the Gospel.  I didn't want her to think we were just agreeing with her so we could convert her, but seriously pretty much everything she was saying was true doctrine.  We went through the first lesson and even into the Plan of Salvation.  She doesn't fully understand priesthood power being restored, but she committed and wants to read the book of Mormon and compare it to the Bible using the footnotes. 
And this e-mail is just getting longer!!! haha So we went and saw a referral we got from the Sister missionaries in Garden City.  This family, Lynnsi and James Green have 4 kids, I think, that were put into the foster care system because of major problems with their house.  2 of the kids were put with a Mormon family in Garden which the Sister there know, thus the referral because the kids real parents aren't LDS.  We went and saw them and they feel their family has been torn apart and are working really hard to clean up the house and fix it.  They are very humble, and are living humbly, but both have jobs.  They're totally open to learning more and so we gave them each a book of Mormon and talked about how the Gospel blesses families and in time, their family can be sealed together for eternity :)  We're going to go over there hopefully this week to help them paint and such :) So excited for them.
The Lord is hastening His work! He's preparing people to receive His restored gospel more than ever before!!!! I'm  humbled that He has trusted His precious children to be taught by all the missionary youngens here.   I know that when we can feel the Holy Ghost working In us, we can be assured that we are doing good, and that we have been forgiven of sins.  I know that the Lord is blessing all of His children in countless ways.  I love having time every day to read the scriptures, study Preach My Gospel, conference talks, and to be instructed by Him.
Today is Zone P-day so we get to go to Liberal and carve pumpkins with everybody.  So fun!  Good way to let loose so we can focus even better the rest of the week.  The Lord knows us so well :)  Also, for Halloween we can't go out tracting past 6pm.  We can go places we have appointments and some of the ward members have invited us over which is super nice of them :)  Anyways, Love you! Love hearing from you! "For O how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that is the founder of peace, yea, even the Lord, who has redeemed his people; yea, him who has granted salvation unto his people" (Mosiah 15:18).  Yep, that pretty much says it all! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

-- Love always and forever!
Sister Harston

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